Is Loan Waiver is The Real Solution?

This line floated a lot before State Assembly elections held in Rajasthan. Many BJP delegates may say that their anti-incumbency which led them to lose the elections along with the NOTA, but that’s not the fact. Let’s go back one year in 2017, one of biggest news coming for the cry of farmers craving from the government for the things which is happening in the rural podium especially to agriculture. The number is still not clear but many committed suicide for the loan they got from the moneylenders or banks and have failed to pay back due to the failure and corruption persisting in the medium layer who grabs biggest profits when the vegetables arrive in the so-called sabji mandis. Now come to the present, you may have heard about people sending 1064 Rs. the farmer has obtained from selling 750 kg of onions to our PM in frustration. Check another instance..Read more

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