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Welcome friends, if you are reading this, you must be looking for a laptop. Here you can find reviews of laptops which may help you decide whether you should consider your choice or not. If you have any question or want to discuss something. Leave a comment or email me, I will gt back to you. Keep reading.

Should you get the MacBook Air 2018 ?

Lightness strikes again. Is it? Let's find out.
Hello there, hope you guys are doing well. In this article, I will be talking about the new MacBook Air. We will find out is it worth upgrading to the new MacBook Air from the old one which is an icon. It was unarguably the first-ever Ultrabook. Are the changes done significant enough to invest almost double the amount compared to the older one as Apple is selling the older..Read more

Acer Swift 3 Core i5 8th Gen - SF315-51G 

Acer Swift 3 - SF315-51G - One of the Best Budget Laptops for multimedia users. I was looking for a budget laptop for some multimedia work like video editing. Surfing the internet and looking at various online shopping site I came across this, which has premium looks and also got some real..Read more

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