The Accidental Prime Minister - Movie Review

In the corridors of power, this will remain a great controversy when people will discuss the status quo of former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. Sanjay Baru during his interview or precisely to become the Media Advisor was instructed that he will act as an Ear and Eye due to the inability of Mr. Singh to have some cut off from the world. Neither Baru nor others have expected that it will UPA which will knock the 5 Year Powers Door after the defeating the hype of "Shining India" campaign led by BJP and Associates..Read more

URI - The Surgical Strike: Movie Review

These lines when echoes in the theatres, pumps energy of patriotism with Attitude the way Virat Kohli shouts after each wicket of our opponent fell. And this was cascading from a very long time after hearing every time, that terrorist from Pakistan creates an environment of killings whenever they are in the soil of our Motherland. 
The movie URI - The Surgical Strike.. Read more

Simmba - Movie Review

Simmba is a typical Rohit Shetty film where you will find catchy dialogues, amazing action scenes and is full of emotions. Simmba is a masala entertainer and masala entertainer movies have their own significance in the mainstream cinema if they are made rightly. Read more..

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