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Five Alternatives of WhatsApp


After the scars of WhatsApp updating its privacy policy, many of you have started looking for alternatives. As if privacy is more in demand and less in supply. A clear-cut economics principle says that when the need (demand) for anything is more than its production, it becomes precious. So, this is the case with user data privacy. With the changes in WhatsApp privacy policy, there is a need to seek platforms that assure users' privacy. 

We know that our readers trust us. Hence, SingleWindowTech is back with another article, where we will discuss alternative social messaging platforms to WhatsApp. We will deliver every detail about the alternative social messaging platforms to WhatsApp, including their encryption principle and policies. So, sit tight, enlarge your eyes, and get ready. SingleWindowTech has used its indicators to index these applications:

Features (2)

Privacy (2)

Uniqueness (1)

#5 BridgeFly

BridgeFly may seem quite weird. But, it gives a chance to the user to check the SDK tools. The best part about this social messaging platform is that there is no need for any internet service required to send messages. Some of you might get surprised to see the possibility. But, BridgeFly makes sure that interaction and communication are possible using mesh network and Bluetooth. However, this can work as a glitch as it will limit the distance for the users to send and receive messages. The SDK tools let coders generate their messaging applications and earn revenue from them. Hence, it allows many unique facilities with its application. It compels us to consider it as one of the alternative social messaging platforms to WhatsApp. SingleWindowTech gives 2 out of 5 to BridgeFly. 

#4 Discord

"So, do we have an accord?" From accord to Discord, we moved towards more parley. Discord is a messaging app application created to serve gamers. But, since 2015, it has changed a lot. Today, it is delivering more features than WhatsApp. The best part is that one can share their screens with other Discord users. Hence, it is easy to stream games and other files. One can create a group or micro-communities of a maximum of ten people in Discord. But, to have more members, users can create servers. Discord works on the privacy-first principle. There are dedicated safety centers with these messaging applications. These safety centers have their moderators who decide and regulate the flow of data. Discord goes for encryption of audio and video files as they have a Salsa20 encryption key. On SingleWindowTech indicators, Discord scores 2.5 out of 5. 

#3 Kik

Kik gives the supercool quotient in terms of its bot-based services. So, even if you are not getting anyone, you can chat with Kik bots. Another feature that gives an edge to the Kik users is that they get the relief of not sharing the number. Yes, Kik lets the users create an account using an email address. Rest, all the features matches with that of WhatsApp. Kik has a Safety Advisory Board. This board has experts from different domains, including child exploitation and trafficking, cyberbullying, criminology, privacy, and security. All these things make Kik one of the perfect alternative social messaging platforms to WhatsApp. According to SingleWindowTech, Kik gets 3 out of 5 points. 

#2 Telegram

During the lockdown, Telegram has been one of the most used social media platforms. Telegram has the same facility as Kik of number not visible facility. Hence, it clears out many concerns who are frequent Telegram users and don't want to share their numbers. Telegram offers a plethora of communities and groups that have a dedicated niche. Therefore, one can join any of them of their interests. It also offers self-destructor and private chat features to ensure the privacy of the user. The glitch with them is that one cannot easily find the downloaded files on local phones. One has to search it from the Telegram folder. Another issue with them is that they don't save the files with the actual name. So, it increases tedious tasks for the users. But, it is still one of the finest alternative social messaging platforms to WhatsApp. Due to its feature and privacy, Telegram gets 3.5 out of 5 on SingleWindowTech indicators.

#1 Signal

There is no doubt about the reasons what make Signal the best alternative to WhatsApp. In fact, Signal is much better than WhatsApp. Signal provides its entire source code to its users. It is the first step to create the trust index. Next, Signal does not lets its backup go anywhere in the cloud server. All the backup data gets stored on the local phone. It offers almost every feature that WhatsApp offers to its users. There is an end-to-end facility available. But, on the maximum group members facility, it lags behind. It is because only 150 members can join the group at a time. In terms of security, Signal is the best paradise. So, SingleWindowTech indexes it as the number one social messaging platform, by giving it four of five. 


Hoping any one of the five may suit your comfortability, SingleWindowTech lets its user decide the perfect choice. After the changes in the privacy policy, the options are open. Hence, go again through the list of alternative social messaging platforms to WhatsApp. Let yourself tap the best option for your interactions and communications.

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