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Samsung's Alt Z Life: What is this?

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You may have learned many of the keyboard shortcuts. 

These keyboard shortcuts have some specific functions to shorten our work. And, something that enhances our security will get an appraisal. In today's time, when it is crucial saving our data, digital threats are trying to make them vulnerable. Our smartphones face many security threats. To protect them, enhancement and expansion of security are mandatory. 

After Knox, Samsung has come up with another horizon of security features for the A-series phones, especially Samsung Galaxy A51 & Samsung Galaxy A71. In this article, we will discuss this new protective guard, i.e., Alt Z Life. The Alt Z Life feature will be available to exist as well as new users of Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 through a software update on August 10, 2020.

What is Samsung Alt Z Life?

It is like a switch that provides privacy. It is like you hide your private data from others. Well, it happens sometimes that someone may ask you for your phone to make a call or for doing something else. This switch is known as Quick Switch. Quick Switch lets you instantly switch between main and private mode. These modes are like where you want to save your data and the normal mode that shows the rest of the data and apps running on your phone. All private apps, images, and folders can be accessed or exited by double-clicking the power button.

When a user double-click on the power button in normal mode, authentication is required before entering the private mode of the same app. It is quite different from the normal unlocking of the smartphone. However, when we switch from private to normal mode, there is no need for authentication requirements. 

Why Alt Z Life is Needed?

Questions will always arise even for the technologies developed or comes into the market. The Question of Why is also attached to Alt Z Life features. But there lies a consolidated answer regarding the same. An inference came out that 70 percent of the consumers want to have their data like images, documents, videos, applications, private chats out of the ambit of others, even from the family members also. In addition to this, they also want to hide the fact that they have things they do not want to share. Accordingly, young engineers at Samsung R&D Institute in Noida and Bengaluru developed this platform based on insights from consumer research. The development of this platform is under the flagship program of Samsung's "Make For India" initiative.

How to get Alt Z Life?

Since this feature is available only in two of the A-series smartphones, download is required for the updates to add these features into the smartphones. These are specifically firmware updates. Firmware updates are different for both the A-series smartphones. The name of firmware files is A515FXXU3BTGF and A715FXXU2ATGK for Samsung Galaxy A51 and Samsung Galaxy A71 respectively. These updates don’t bring the new security patch, though. 

Following steps will lead to search these updates:

  • Open the Settings menu by clicking on the Settings icon.
  • Search for Software Update Menu in the Settings section.
  • Search the specific file.
  • Download the file and install the features to add security.

Samsung Knox Security comes to Play:

Recently, we have shared an article on Samsung Knox Security. This article will let you understand the Secure Folder created to protect the highly confidential data. We will not get into the detailing part of the creation of the Secure Folder that we have already described. Secure Folder creates an encrypted and private space on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone using the defense system of the Samsung Knox security platform. The Secure Folder is the perfect place to store all the photos, videos, files, apps, and data that you want to keep private. A biometric lock or a passcode will make the Secure folder more secure. 

Additional Benefits:

This Quick Switch is smart and intelligent. The sense of intelligence reads the amount of data the user holds on the smartphone. Accordingly, the AI part suggests the user about the data that should go in the private mode. It also lets you move those content suggestions directly to the private library. 

How to activate Alt Z Life Quick Switch?

The activation of the Quick Switch is easy. Follow the steps:

  • Open Settings by clicking on the Settings icon.
  • Search for Advanced Features in the Settings menu and click.
  • Tap on 'Side Key' Toggle switch.
  • Select the 'Quick Switch to Secure Folder' option.

How to activate the Content Suggestion feature in Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71:

  • Open the Secure Folder in App Menu.
  • Search the Content Suggestions and click it.
  • Set out the identifiers - Private and People in the Content Suggestions section.
  • Tap on Done/Like icon to complete the process.

Once the initial setup is complete, the AI engine kicks in and identifies relevant images from the entire gallery. As this is an on-device AI solution, no information or image ever leaves the smartphone.


Samsung is focussing on landmarks. Security concerns have always been prestige and issue in modern times. With the rise in threats from the digital world and the real world. Any enhancement in security gets appreciation if it addresses and acknowledges the concerns of the consumers. Alt Z Life will bring betterment in security and add more privacy in the smartphone systems. However, many efforts need to be done for all kinds of Samsung flag shipped products.

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