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Samsung Knox Security - Everything You Need To Know

Is your phone crucial for your work also? Do you save your office-related data on the personal phone? If you are a Samsung phone user, then you can get a secure environment. In this article, we will talk about Samsung Security - Knox. It is one of the features in the Samsung phones that makes it more secure than other Android devices.

What is Samsung Knox Security?

It is a feature that is in the Samsung phones that helps you to separate personal and office data by providing a secured layer. So, it turns one phone into two phones. It also manages the apps and data in those apps that one has entered. Moving from one layer to another is done by tapping the Knox icon and entering the password. This password should be different from the lock password. So, it makes your apps more secure though if, someone knows the lock password. With Samsung Security Knox, one can double layer of privacy. 

Knox integrates hardware, a different chip for security and software that works together to give you a high level of data protection, defending your most sensitive information from malware and malicious threats. To add an extra layer of privacy, Secure Folder creates a separate encrypted space to store your data, meaning you have access to the most private parts of your phone. However, this extra privacy will vary in phones. 

Samsung Knox - How it Works?

Once you enter into Samsung Knox, it will secure your apps like Camera, Gallery, Email, Contacts, Email Browser, Downloads, and S Planner by default. One can also add other apps in the Knox secured layer. It will then copy your data into another place. The data in that place gets separated from the data of the same app. 

So, it adds more security. To make Knox work, you need the right hardware, basically a different chip that is used especially to make your phone more secure. It is because not all the Samsung phones support Knox. The devices that support Samsung Knox have been mentioned later in the article. 

Another crucial thing required is the Secure Folder. One can search about it in the Google Play Store. But, if your device is not compatible, then it will not show you in the search.

Setting up Secure Folder:

The Secure Folder comes pre-installed in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and upgraded version. To look for Secure Folder, if you have such phones, you can do the following:

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Check for the Lockscreen options.
  3. Tap the Security folder.
  4. Pull down the notification panel.
  5. Turn on the Secure Folder icon on the status bar.
  6. Go to the App Screen > Samsung folder > Tap Secure folder.

Knox Premium:

Several big organizations need high-level security to save precious data. That data can be vulnerable if there are no secured layers to check the threats and manage. Knox also deals with such problems by its Enterprise edition named Knox Premium. 

Knox Premium is a cloud-based management solution built on the Knox security layer with a turn-key secure platform. So, it is designed according to the IT systems and admins. It will help to deploy the work at a large scale with high-security delivery. One can avail 90-days free trial to test the enterprise edition of Knox.

The Knox Platform for Enterprise solution provides a robust set of features on top of the core Android Enterprise platform, to fill security and management gaps and meet the strict requirements of highly regulated industries. The Knox Premium has certifications of the following institutions:







FIPS 140-2 & DISA, USA

Samsung Knox Customization & Configuration:

Knox comes with a tailoring feature to let the user customize the complete process as per the need. The user can configure the settings of Knox to set up various profiles, restrictions, and other types of content. Enrolled devices will automatically receive them via WiFi and mobile data. So, it allows you to build your phones and tablets to single app mode, retail mode, or other specific business settings during the initial device setup as per the demand raised. One can also promote and embed his or her company's brand with a product along with animated boot up screens and personalized business apps that have Knox security.

Samsung Knox - Credibility with Gartner:

Knox platform 3.2, released in August 2018, focused on two industry needs: granular device management and frictionless deployment. Knox platform 3.3, released in March 2019, is the latest available version. The credibility of Knox lies because of the Gartner Report that has awarded 27 out of 30 ratings. In Gartner’s May 2019 report, “Mobile OSs and Device Security: A Comparison of Platforms,” Samsung Knox 3.2 and other mobile platforms are compared across 30 key security features. Some of the features of Samsung Knox that was found "strong" are:

  • Authentication Security
  • File-level Encryption
  • App Isolation
  • Device Encryption by Default
  • Security Updates
  • App Updates
  • App Privileges
  • Runtime Permissions
  • Platform Integrity Performance
  • Root of trust
  • Exploit Mitigation
  • Network Security
  • Built-in Anti-Malware
  • Secure Browsing
  • Remote Health Attestation
  • Policy Management
  • App Monitoring & Control
  • App Vetting
  • Secure Key Store
  • Workplace Isolation
  • Authentication Methods
  • Device/ Corporate Wipe
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Enterprise App Store

Devices that support Samsung Knox Security:

  • Galaxy Note Series
  • Galaxy S Series
  • Galaxy A80
  • Galaxy A70
  • Galaxy A20
  • Galaxy A9
  • Galaxy Tab S5e (LTE)
  • Galaxy Tab S5e (Wi-Fi)
  • Galaxy Watch (4.2 cm)
  • Galaxy Watch (4.6 cm)
  • Galaxy Watch Active


Samsung Knox Security is the one that can assure your privacy to the fullest. It is built on the segregation of personal and professional data along with IT sector customized solutions. One can test this software-based version within stipulated days of time of free-trial. So, it can be worth enough to experiment on a personal level and for professional work.

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