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Khuda Haafiz (Khuda Hafiz) - Movie Review

What's in the name? We have heard this phrase often. But, as the Indian style states, sometimes words like Vidyut will demand something electrifying. Well, somewhere such movies look to drive their emotions towards West Asia. Such cinemas try to carve out the inner superhero when innocence meets an unethical code of conduct. Khuda Hafiz is that movie that has based its actions in the desert of West Asia to showcase the heat sustains if a simple man becomes a majestic action-hero. In this article, we will review this recently released movie. 



A Lucknow-based software engineer has a very normal life. The life that has a common man attitude (try to save more and fulfill the demands of the family). He got married to a girl. They decide to go for work abroad because of the sudden economic issues of 2008 that hit globally. An agent comes to their life to discuss the plans. They get offers. His wife is the first one to go to Noman (imaginary country). Then comes the darkest phase of the couple's life. The wife got stuck due to some vicious people. She somehow managed to call her husband for the escape and from then a new twist arrives in the common man's life. It adds new branches that are complex and unknown. He decides to launch a rescue mission all-alone by himself by going to Noman. His only hope is a merchant there in Noman.


Vidyut Jammwal has tried hard to showcase his angry-man character along with the simple version he holds with his life in the movie. The Roman Reign of Bollywood is showing some unrealistic actions in the movies that are quite phenomenal and demands appraisal. But in the middle course, he lacks that audacity that was required. Vidyut is more emotionally invested in getting the nuances of his character right. Vidyut has shown his potential to be an action - star but with fewer emotions. The genre of his movies is shrinking his domain. Even at the beginning of the movie where he asks about the marriage proposal was having a bit less charm.

Shivaleeka Oberoi could show more emotions in the character. She had that opportunity when she was doing the phone call scene but, the touch of passion and shout loses the energy seems like the wife has already lost the hope that she will remain stuck in Noman. In terms of looks, she has shown brilliance with the gorgeous face, but she needs to act following the situation. Otherwise, the magnitude of passion required to put as energy will collapse the entire plot somewhere. 

The main Pathanic role that has lifted the aura of this movie somewhere is by Mr.Anu Kapoor. The lines that he carries and throws from time to time is impeccable. Anu Kapoor has made sure that his acting creates a prolonged effect in the movie. In a nutshell, his acting was like the blossoming of the flower that is lying in the marshy land.

Some of the lines that can touch you are:

  1. Tumko Jo Ehsaan Lagta hai, Momin ko Imaan Lagta hai.
  2. Tum Jise Karz Kehte Ho, Pathan Usko Apna Farz Maanta hai.

Usman Ali Murad has displayed powered notions of film acting. He deserves applause from all the corners of OTT users who will watch this movie.


The background score is intense when the fight and action scenes arrive in the movie. The soft music in which the arrangement of some of the songs is just fabulous. "Mera Intezaar Karna" and "Jaan Ban Gaye" are the classical romantic versions that can steal hearts and be the part of smartphones through music apps like gaana, Spotify, JioSaavn, etc. Aakhri Kadam Tak may provide some good musical delights to music listeners. The music of the movie has proved once again that Bollywood romance lies on the love ballads that intensifies, magnifies, and amplifies the course of a love story.


The first part of the movie somewhere tries to hold the viewers. But, the second part is not complying with the logic, defies the romance that lacks conviction, and cannot be allowed to view some power-packed martial art skills. The movies are carrying the power of Annu Kapoor who takes it to another milestone. Khuda Haafiz lacks innovation and the innovative script is the need of the hour along with a great sense of acting.

You can watch this movie on Disney+ Hotstar.

Cast & Crew:

  1. Faruk Kabir (Director)

  2. Kumar Mangat (Producer)

  3. Abhishek Pathak (Producer)

  4. Mithoon (Music Director)

  5. Actors:

  1. Vidyut Jammwal (Sameer Choudhary)

  2. Shivalika Oberoi (Nargis Choudhary)

  3. Shiv Panditt (Faiz Abu Malik)

  4. Ahana Kumra (Tamena Hameed)

  5. Anu Kapoor (Usman Ali Murad)

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