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Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl - Movie Review

Gunjan Saxena The Kargil Girl Movie Review

We hear about the stories of battles and wars. The movies like Dunkirk, Enemy at the Gates, Border, 1917, etc. have been phenomenal to portray the battlegrounds. However, Indian cinema has a different perspective. Indian film-makers have been more focussed on pre-war sessions. Except for Haqeeqat, we never witnessed targeted war movies. And, here comes Gunjan Saxena that has not taken a story of war-hero but a fight for identity and recognition. In this article, we will review the recent-release "Gunjan Saxena - The Kargil Girl" movie.

Plot :

A girl has a dream of flying high. But as the Indian patriarchy conspires to make sure that this never happens, the girl works hard to fulfill her dream. From financial to family issues, she tries to overcome all the problems lying in society. When her dream to be a pilot takes a halt, her father motivates her to join the Indian Air Force. She was the only one to clear the entire test amongst the girls. She feels like she will face appreciation but she has to wait for another twist in the tale as told by her brother. She was bullied and ignored by the male Air Force pilots. From time to time, she has to pass the test of the time. And, then the Kargil War comes like an opportunity where she surpassed the expectations of the so-called patriarchal society. She marks the significance of achievements and toughness a girl has to face in Indian society today. But she comes out with flying colors.


The protagonist of the story, Janhavi Kapoor (Gunjan Saxena), has shown not that power what she had to deliver. There comes a time, where she had to roar when she takes the wire of the music system and talks about the problems of being a girl in the Indian Air Force, she just showed simplicity. That situation demand power-pack performance but, it went into vain. Janhavi Kapoor has been better when she was sad about the failures. The film-makers, along with the fitness team, worked hard to show that she lost 7 kgs in the stipulated deadline, as required to get into Indian Air Force. But her faceless expressions do not give the notion that she has worked hard during the weight loss process as shown in the movie.

Then comes the father-like figure Pankaj Tripathi. He has that charm that has some good takeaways from the movie. His low voice has worked well. He was like the backbone who put his heart to make sure that the brain though not showing interest, still, makes the way. His lines are quiet motivational which will soon become the quotes and the best dialogues from the movie. Some of the best lines were:

  1. Plane Ladka Udaye Ya Ladki, Dono Ko Pilot Hi Bolte Hai.
  2. Jo Log Mehnat Ka Saath Nahi Chodte Kismat Kabhi Unka Saath Nahi Chodti (The strongest and most-touching)
  3. Mehnat Se, Imaandari Se Pilot Ban Jao, Desh Bhakti Apne Aap Hojayegi

Then come Ayesha Raza and Angad Bedi. They played the role of mother and brother of Gunjan Saxena respectively. Sometimes, it feels like the biggest hindrance in the Indian form of Feminism is the other women. Though being the mother, she showcases the care and concern. But, it becomes clear that she is the one who is hindering the girl for letting her go to Delhi to pursue her career of being a pilot. But she proved herself in the typical Indian mother style. Angad Bedi also shows the same symptoms of facing Not-Letting-Her-Head-High syndrome. His part is very short, but he responded well wherever the situation demanded well. He showed the true-side of what the girl is going to face who is excited about the Indian Air Force.


The music in the movie is good but not strong. A lot depends on Arijit Singh and Sukhwinder Singh. Bharat ki Beti will take the applause along with Dhoom Dhadaka. The music seems weak in Dori Tutt Gaiyan. And, there is a need for brainstorming to understand the reason behind the song Rekha. War background music is good. Even the background music, when Gunjan Saxena in the movie makes the finest moves.

Other Dynamics:

The cinematography is in tune with the time of the 1990s till the time Gunjan Saxena does not join the Air Force. With the campus shoot, it seems like something is missing but the bold acting by other actors accomplish the same. The flying scenes during the training have been showcased in a well-structured manner. The director has done justice with the movie. One can forgive for the missing elements as he is making a directorial debut. But the remaining dynamics are good.


Well, if you want to see a strong plot, then this movie is for you. You won't get bored. Rather the twist and turns and without any hinges, the story will seem simple. The movie has shown the potential to deliver a perfect caricature. But, somewhere it lacks in a realistic plot. The Indian movies to deliver exaggeration goes so far that some part of the movie goes beyond the facts. As claimed by one of the mates of Gunjan Saxena, the movie showcases peddling lies. It is like the sabotage for the male Air Force Officers who in reality helped a lot.

Cast & Crew:

  1. Sharan Sharma (Director)

  2. Apoorva Mehta (Producer)

  3. Karan Johar (Producer)

  4. Hiroo Johar (Producer)

  5. John Stewart (Music Director)

  6. Amit Trivedi (Music Director)

  7. Actors:

  1. Janhavi Kapoor (Gunjan Saxena)

  2. Pankaj Tripathi (Anup Saxena)

  3. Angad Bedi (Anshuman Saxena)

  4. Ayesha Raza (Kirti Saxena)

  5. Manav Vij (Gautam Sinha)

  6. Vineet Kumar Singh (Dileep Singh)

  7. Gulshan Pandey (Sr. Air Commanding Officer)

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