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DARK: Web Series On Netflix - Review

Avengers - Endgame. The conversation between Captain America and Antman. Antman was talking about the time dimension. Steve Rogers talks about time travel. Antman hesitates a bit but, he confirms the same. Time Travel becomes the biggest source to defeat Thanos. And, here we are back again to another situation that has time travel in the cynosure. However, it has mixed some supernatural activities that are related to the abduction of small kids. In this article, we will discuss Dark Season 3. Dark Web Series is applause from all corners of the world. The series has science, a nuclear power plant, supernatural gems, and a lot of drama that carries full concentration.


The story runs in a small town in Germany named Winden. Season 1 begins with the news breaking out in the town of a missing child.  The police officer named Ulrich shows personal interest in the missing child case because of the nostalgia effect lying in his life. He remembered that his brother also went missing 33 years ago. He smells the fishy ends tied with the case. The case becomes more complicated when Ulrich's son Mikkel also went missing in Winden near a cave. After some days a kid comes out with scars on his face near his eyes. Police records stated that the kid is already dead. 

So how is this possible that a kid with a T-shirt tagging '86' and having a walkman comes out. After the series of observations, the identification of the boy becomes possible. He is Mads, brother of Ulrich, who went missing 33 years ago. Another twist in the tale comes when actual Mikkel comes out of the cave.  But there was no joy for him as he understood that the year is 1986. Jonas takes the pledge to solve the missing case of Mikkel. It is because, on the night of his disappearance, he was his companion. Jonas thinks about the time travel after what he sees in the show. He meets a time-traveler expert who gives a brief idea to resolve the issue. 

But his intention clashes with Noah, a time traveler priest who wants to control the time loop. Claudia observes the leakage of nuclear material and found barrels of them near the caves from kids are missing. The material is working as a fuel to create or destroy the time loop. Claudia is aware of time travel because of her dog. Her dog was reported missing in the year 1953 and was found in the year 1986. Will Claudia help Tannhaus and Jonas to build the time traveler device? In the meantime what happens to Ulrich who was investigating? Where will Jonas land further during the time travel?

Seasons portrays a story that has a larger horizon. Noah, who was considered as the villain in actual is a pawn, who gets direction from Adam. Adam is heading a secret society that wants to fight with God and time. Time travel is the major source to defeat the two elements. Season 2 again displays the tussle between Claudia and Noah. Claudia tries to explain to him that Adam is selling him an illusion that lacks freedom. Noah with his gun targets towards Claudia is ready to take a step. 

But will he? Or will he unsubscribe his faith and belief for Adam? He feels the dilemma when he meets her daughter Charlotte. By the end of Season 2, it seems that a different conflict is going on. What happened to Jonas? Where is he? Has he gone to the far past or decided to enter the future? What happens if Jonas meets Adam? Another question will rise who developed the metal entrance in the cave. In the end, Adam comes to 2020 where he sees Jonas and Martha are kissing each other. Adam kills Martha, and the story makes itself ready for another roller coaster ride.

The story of Season 3 starts from where it ended in Season 2. Martha comes back to tell that she has come from another time dimension. Martha takes Jonas to another Winden designed in the time travel. The place where both of them reach to a place where people are untouched and unaffected by Mikkel Nielsen’s disappearance or Michael Kahnwald’s suicide. 

After some time, they feel like they are getting into the characters of Adam and Eve. It feels like the illusion of past, present, and future about which Albert Einstein used to talk. The quest to find the missing and to untie the knots of complexity is still in continuation. The time loop traps these four interconnected families spanning over four generations. And, none of them ever thought what to expect with Claudia. She portrays another game that is driven by love for her daughter Regina.


You take any name in the cast. Each one of them has provided commendable work. Starting with Louis Hofmann, who with his yellow looks pretty good. His facial expressions just take the beat of the story to another dimension. His dialogue delivery especially when he is with Lisa Vicari works completely fine. Coming next to Lisa Vicari, who is splendid with her great sense of acting. She steals the scene wherein another Winden she lands with Jonas and has a yellow jacket with the notion to tell that they are in a new dimension is flawless. Both of them balance the role in the parallel worlds. The acting of other actors is also good. They understood the theme and just made sure they get into it deeply by floating in the river of misfits that have a riveting basin to make an astounding and roaring ocean.

Other Dynamics:

The web series is a masterpiece built on the pillars of Quantum Physics. The makers of the movie design this classic concept with a classic briefing. They put the focus on each aspect that matters a lot as per the situation. They deserve what they created. Somewhere it may seem to you that you are driving bit towards the "Strange Things" or "Avengers: Endgame" to make it a repeated view. But, the screenplay, direction, and plot of the story avoid any kind of mirror effect in this web series. The visual continuity created with a warp effect is another masterstroke. Some fatal errors are available in the Dark Season 3 but get unnoticed if the viewer properly observes them. The chaos that they build along with the subjects will make them feel unregretted.


The story will talk about the question that challenges the choices and free will over determinism. The movement in the time creates a time temporal paradox that lets the people of Winden go in a complete infinite loop. Across all the eight episodes, it will be power-package that consists of retro-casualty, biblical symbolism, time loop, and filial ties. Dark is distilled with essence, which has a mixture of epic philosophical arguments and sad vignettes about loss and betrayal. The story has all those curved paths to add extreme actions and a journey where parents make sure the safety of their children despite all the issues that existed in their marital life. It is like the lifetime opportunity that one needs to tap to see the perfect mixture of techie part with unheard and unexpected supernatural events. All you need to go to Netflix to watch this fantastic piece of art.

Cast and Team:

  • Baran bo Odar (Director)
  • Jantje Friese (Producer)
  • Justyna Müsch (Producer) 
  • Quirin Berg (Producer)
  • Max Wiedemann (Producer)


  • Louis Hofmann (Jonas Kahnwald)
  • Lisa Vicari (Martha Nielsen)
  • Oliver Masucci (Ulrich Nielsen)
  • Paul Lux (Bartosz Tiedeman).
  • Jordis Triebel (Katharina Nielsen)
  • Maja Schöne (Hannah Kahnwald)
  • Karoline Eichhorn (Charlotte Doppler).

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