Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Class of '83: Bobby Deol's Netflix Film - Review

Once upon a time, a movie came named - Gupt. The movie received appreciation due to the plot and acting by the villain - Kajol. She was like the storm who had stolen the accolades. Then there was one hero in the movie named - Bobby Deol. But, not much was talked about him. 

It seems like the next generation of Dharmendra has no clue to look out and make the best move except Sunny Deol. Well, let's get back to Mr. Deol. In this article, we will discuss a cop based drama set in Mumbai when the crime was sitting at the apex.


The story is based on S. Hussain Zaidi's book, The Class of '83: The Punishers Of Mumbai Police. It begins in a Police training center. A batch is getting ready to tackle the underworld and criminals existing in society. Losing the charm, the dean of the academy trains five cadets to become master cop of the town. The plan is to eradicate crime from the crime and commercial capital of India. 

The frustrated senior Mumbai policeman forms an unauthorized killing squad within the force to shatter the criminal nexus that has made it impossible for honest officers to effectively fight crime. The story will touch all the corners of the 80s era. It will show the taste of the wine, made by the nexus of politicians, criminals, and builders. Then it will tap the so-called fame cotton mills. It will lay down the genesis of fake encounters, fake alibis, and many more in the treasure. The plot will take the viewers on a roller coaster ride. 

But the question will arise somewhere at some juncture about the success rate of the master plan.


The screenplay is more sophisticated than what it was actually in the 1980s. Somewhere, it may seem like that the cops are trying to become superficial R&AW agents. And, younger Deol has faded from public memory after a series of failures. The man appeared last time in Race 3. Even, in the movie, it seems like Mr. Deol is a bit tired and unable to ooze out the correct notions and expressions. 

The same goes for the entire group who was in the role of cadets in the training academy. The immaturity is displaying that they did not expect such a platform will host this.

Other Dynamics:

The plot of the story is damn good and is the cinematography. The directorial way to present and pitch the ideas let the events to make a presentable move. But the extra - special legal moves to showcase the plans of elimination of crime soon goes out of control even from the hands of those who initiated it. 

Class of 83 has proudly embraced 80s movie tropes, but, unfortunately, fails to appears to have a soft corner for vigilante justice. The background displays that Bombay was sitting on the flashpoint. The gunpowder can emit the fire at every instant. The movie will somewhere try to show the ideals and pillars of governance along with the democracy where little indecency makes its space.


The movie is based on true events. You may somewhere dislike the acting. All you need to lose your logic to see a modified and upgraded 80s era that has filled emotions and thrill with actions. The story is good. The cop-based story is ready to be Page-3. However, acting somewhere will disappoint the audience. The movie is available on Netflix as an OTT platform.

Cast & Team:

1. Aul Sabharwal (Director)

2. Shahrukh Khan (Producer)

3. Gauri Khan (Producer)

4. Gaurav Verma (Producer)


5. Bobby Deol (Dean Vijay Singh)

6. Joy Sengupta (Raghav Desai)

7. Anup Soni (Manohar Patkar)

8. Vishwajeet Pradhan (Mangesh Doiphode)

9. Hans Dev Sharma (YP Mathur)

10. Hitesh Bhojraj (Vishnu Varde)

11. Sameer Paranjape (Aslam Khan)

12. Ninad Mahajani (Laxman Jadhav)

13. Prithvik Pratap (Janardan Surve)

14. Bhupendra Jadawat (Pramod Shukla)

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