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Bandish Bandits : Amazon Original Series - Review

Have you ever read the book "Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment" by James Patterson? There comes a strange line in the book where you may feel that the statement is quite weird in itself. You may be wondering why I am talking about the story of abduction? But, I want you to focus on a line that builds an intriguing wall that has no bricks. The line in the book is about a safety bomb. Got perplexed? A bomb cannot be safe at all by all means. It is like a conflict. In this article, we will talk about the conflict that has a blend of two different forms of music. In Indian style, we call it Bandish. In this article, we will discuss the Bandish Bandits Web Series.


A person is holding the expectations of his family on his shoulders. He is a prodigy. He signs well. He is getting recognition. But, he wants to fly high. Due to the class culture somewhere he feels that he is not that part of modern society. And, then comes the girl who finds herself comfortable in Rock and Hard music. Her last performance makes her music company think about the continuation of the contract with her or not. She heads towards Rajasthan where she meets the boy. Two music cultures are standing two poles apart. But then the Continental Drift theory arrives. The poles start moving towards each other. The sense of love somewhere binds them and creates a unique fusion that leads to a larger listener base. The bad consequences of this blended music are also waiting on their doorsteps. Liberty somewhere challenges conservatives to keep it pure (Boy's Grandfather). It will be interesting what happens? Was the boy-girl duo gets into the corridor of success or not?  


The acting of Radhe (Ritwik Bhowmik) is commendable. The outfits used to present the society he represents seems perfect. He tried to tie himself with the character. He has lifted himself during the situations where it was crucial. However, the makers of the movie lack observation in terms of projecting the pop star Tammana. The very first scene that introduces Shreya Choudhary has shown that she is a type-of-girl that marks her style and attitude. The smoking scene that comes early does not come afterward. Not even when she is in some kind of introspection. That is the most vital scene, where her smoking nature was a demanding one. 

The evergreen Naseeruddin Shah comes into the aura of Gulfam Hassan of Sarfaroshi. However, the acting has fewer smiles and more deep talks with serious notes. He looks like an orthodox conservationist who is no mood to allow any kind of foreign entry that can invade the tones of classical music. And, if that has the approval of his grandson, then he is not ready to accept changes. Next comes Atul Kulkarni and Sheeba Chaddha. Do not consider them as husband-wife. Sheeba Chaddha has worked to represent the significance of the woman in the patriarchy by serving food in the royal brass plates. Atul Kulkarni has shown not his standards of acting, maybe due to his less presence in the show. But, the type of avenge he wants to display is missing some elements.


In a true sense, the Music of Bandish Bandits is the actual protagonist of the story. The music of sitar and pop will enroll you on an interesting ride that has many twists and turns. The lyrics are the strength that carries the notes with the symphony. The trio of Shankar Ehsaan Loy is outstanding. "Lab Par Aaye" can build that soft-musical environment where you feel like sitting in the world. "Garaj Garaj" comes with two distinct versions. Both of them are the perfect match to score high. But the one that has the mesmerizing effect is the "Virah" that will be your next song in the playlist. Even the music of Bikaner Gharana will steal your heart.


"Bandish Bandits" has a high opening, low intermediate, and again bit high hopes of the end. Especially the last two episodes are electrifying. Anand Tiwari, the director of the series, holds a bag of surprises. He has proved why he is a comic genius. The script is damn good. The camera work tries to plot and capture the background firmly. The OTT platform to see this web series is Amazon Prime.

Cast and Team:

  1. Anand Tiwari (Director)
  2. Amritpal Singh Bindra (Producer)
  3. Payal Sachdev (Producer)
  4. Shankar - Ehsaan - Loy (Music Director)

  • Ritwik Bhowmik (Radhe)
  • Shreya Choudhary (Tamanna)
  • Naseeruddin Shah (Pandit Ji)
  • Atul Kulkarni (Digvijay)
  • Tridha Choudhury (Sandhya)
  • Rahul Kumar (Kabir)
  • Kunaal Roy Kapur (Arghya)
  • Sheeba Chaddha (Mohini)
  • Rajesh Tailang (Rajendra)

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