Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Lalbazaar: Zee5 Original - Review

The Bengalis will relate to it. Especially from those lives in Kolkata. The Biggest Police station or one can say it as the Headquarters of Bengal Police. And, if something attaches to it, it can be civil or some criminal issue. Well, I will divert you towards the latter one. The crime story that pitches to be a suicide but presents many ends that if unveils can destroy many things in the City of Joy. It will not have CID-effect like ACP Pradyuman and his associate Daya. The story will test the grounds of police on which they investigate the case. In this article, we will discuss Lalbazaar.


A prostitute goes out in the night to give pleasures to an anonymous man. But the man was not satisfied with the effort of the prostitute. Then he comes to know that she is pregnant. He makes sure that the prostitute dies with suffocation. He tells the entire incident to the brothel owner, and she takes out the news with the story that the prostitute committed suicide. And, the situation worsens for Kolkata Police working from Lalbazaar. The news becomes a sensation in the town. The police have to investigate to bring the distinction between homicide, culpable homicide, and suicide. The police work to define the theme of the story - Law without Limits. The police department especially the junior officers wanted to harness this opportunity as they are under-estimated by their senior officers. But with time, they will understand the psychological trauma along with the tussle of dynamics of family and office. 


I will like to start with the section in a vintage fashion. The senior actor Sabyasachi Chakrabarty is providing all the elements of a senior Police Officer. He shows his mettle from time to time in the series. The outstanding actor has provided the pillar to tie the knot of the story strongly. Next comes the Hrishitaa Dutt who is playing the role of a media person. The beautiful actress has blown the story with awe by her dialogue delivery. She creates her aura in the entire story. Kaushik Sen is the weakest spot that one will observe. The protagonist has failed to leave the footprints through his role. Skilled craftsmen like Subrata Dutta and Dibyendu Bhattacharya couldn't utilize the correct executive chief Santhan Ghoshal. Sauraseni Mitra has tried hard to put impact, but it has proved bleak. However, in some scenes, she has shown commendable acts.


The crime scene music looks pretty dull in the Lal Bazaar. The outlandish murders followed by music seems uncanny. The experimentation in music has failed in the entire story. Some notes give a feeling of interference or hindrance in the plot. The unnecessary music will not get likes at all by the viewers from any angle. Questions will arise to question the intention of the Music composer. The music composer has done injustice with the drama and theme of the story.


The series will appeal to the palate of the OTT audience that has taken a liking to crime thrillers and police dramas. It is a crime thriller set in Kolkata. It has cast a police squad that is not often in the spotlight and has a sitting job at Lal Bazaar. The story may seem intriguing. Even the voice of Ajay Devgan puts the style of the plot. But a lot is at stake with the level of the acting done by the police officers. Lal Bazaar somewhere may seem like that food that gave fragrant aroma but failed to deliver in terms of taste. It is performing much below the standards set by Sacred Games and Paatal Lok. Sayantan Ghosal thriller effect is missing and is not matching with what he delivers with his stories. The web series is streaming on Zee5 Originals OTT platforms.

Cast & Team:

  • Sayantan Ghoshal (Director)
  • Nispal Singh (Producer)
  • Debjyoti Mishra (Music Director)


  • Kaushik Sen (Surajan)
  • Hrishita Bhatt (Maya Ghoshal)
  • Sabyasachi Chakrabarty (D.C. Sharma)
  • Dibyendu Bhattacharya (Abbas Gazi)
  • Gaurav Chakrabarty (Shabbir)
  • Sauraseni Maitra (Mira)
  • Subrat Dutta (Gaurav Dutta)
  • Ronjini Chakraborty (Farzana Banu)

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