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What is Jio Glass - A New Mixed Reality Solution - Everyhthing You Need To Know

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You need to understand one thing. If it is Jio, it will fascinate you every time. It is one of the players in the internet network and cellular services. Recently, in the 43rd AGM meeting, RIL showed their spark once again. During the meet, there was an instance when Kiran Thomas said, “Hello Jio, please call Aakash and Isha.” The product Jio Glass launched by them in the meeting made a call to both Aakash and Isha Ambani. It was the first time when everyone saw the power of Jio Glass. In this article, we will talk about Jio Glass.

Jio Glass - Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) Showcased A New Mixed Reality Solution

Jio Glass - Specifications:

Tesseract, a startup that was acquired by RIL in 2019, developed Jio Glass. Tesseract develops technology for AR and VR products such as cameras, headsets, smart glasses for companies. It also provides a platform for developers to build apps and content. 

Jio Glass is for 3D interactions to watch holographic content. The Jio Glass weighs 75 grams. Hence, it is very light in weight. It will easy to move from one place to another. However, one needs to handle it with great care. Jio Glass comes with customized audio. It comes with a cable that can be attached to the phone to connect to the internet. Jio claims that it will bring support for 25 apps that will enable AR video meetings, games, and more. So, it can turn a video conference more interactive due to design and holographic architecture.

Jio Glass - 2D/3D Calling:

Jio Glass offers a seamless video calling experience. The video calling can be audio-controlled. Hello Jio is a voice-controlled platform for Jio. Once you give the message to a voice-controlled platform to call the particular person. After that, you will get the option for 3D Holographic calling or 3D avatar calling or 2D video calling. The participants engaged during the call can share presentations and documents using 3D assets and holograms.

Jio Glass - Education at a Service (EaaS):

The future will soon coin this term - EaaS. Amidst the pandemic situation, when the world is facing issues in so many sectors, education has its troubles. The digital divide in a country like India and online learning for nascent age has provided big problems. Jio Glass can come forward to give a solution to many problems. The use of glasses enables to provide virtual classrooms where educators can conduct holographic classes through Jio mixed reality cloud in real-time. It will take online education a step ahead as the MR factor will add to how students currently take part in flat, two-dimensional online lectures.

Jio Glass - HDing:

Jio Glass, due to its structure and design, it can merge real and virtual elements to create new environments and visuals. There is a high-resolution display fit into the glasses themselves that let the user experience this. With the blending of both worlds, the Jio Glass will be able to seamlessly integrate digital elements with the geography around them and with real-world physics into play.

Jio Glass - Audiyapa:

Movies, music, and other listening things need the best audio experience. Jio Glass supports all types of standard audio formats. The glass provides the audio directly, without the use of any additional device and cables. It opens the doors for users to holographic video calls, along with interactive 3D avatars. It also enhances your listening experience. 

JIO Glass - Price and Availability

The shipping of the device will start in August. According to the technical experts, Jio Glass will somewhere cost around 10,000 to 14,000 in India. 


Jio Glass is phenomenal in terms of a wide delivery service. It can change the visual and audio experience of the user. With the adoption of sharing files and documents even during the video calls. Therefore, the Jio Glass will give value-addition to virtual summits and meetings organized within the country and globally. 

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