Sunday, March 15, 2020

How Technology Can Help Fighting COVID-19 Coronavirus

Ever watched the movie “World War Z”. Have you seen the catastrophe of the virus which is a mere span of time becomes epidemic and then pandemic spreading with a just bite from the ghosts. Another day, another zombie flick – albeit a bigger budget one with A-list bells on. In this adaptation of Max Brooks's cult novel, Brad Pitt plays an ex-UN investigator sent to seek out the source of an undead plague that has ravaged the Earth, causing the warm-blooded to scuttle to sea, or flee to the remote wilds of Nova Scotia. The movie unleashes an everlasting journey to find the solution. To find the remedy, by innovation. Today, in reality, such a position has been captured by Novel coronavirus, which in such a short period has been created big impacts. But here’s the catch. We need to seek for solutions to bring betterment in humanity. And, we at SingleWindowTech are bound to come up with solutions.

Technology Helping in Fighting With COVID-19 :

The use of technology has always given a cascading effect that improvised the situation. As in honor of the Machiavellian state, “End justifies means”, all we need is tools which can give a better assessment for the event, letting them build new systems, attaching feedback mechanism in order to analyze the resultant product.

  • One example is a new COVID-19 app that tells people whether they have been in close contact with anyone confirmed infected, based on flight and train records. Ministry of Civil Aviation has used some of the techniques where some of the infected used the voluntary passage of furnishing their information. Accordingly, the information platform was used to take preventive measures.
  • Alipay: China’s Amazon, Alibaba too came out with an innovative solution by bringing its own mobile application to give comprehensive detail and in turn, segregating people to people as per the health risk. They rolled out a health QR code system, assigning color codes to citizens marking their risk level, drawing on their travel history and contacts. A green code means you can travel freely, yellow requires seven days of quarantine, while red requires a 14-day quarantine. 
  • Artificial Corona Intelligent System: A term coined by me, which has used its holistic advanced facial recognition system to help the police identify the people who are not wearing a mask. Thus, it enhances awareness among people along with proving handy for the cops to bring preventability in society. 
  • Food Delivery: This startup ecosystem has shattered the ideology that the Service sector can never touch stagnancy. The food delivery system, however, is one of the unsung heroes of the Coronavirus.  Food delivery app Meituan and e-commerce giant JD have deployed autonomous vehicles for “contactless” deliveries to hospitals and high-risk areas. While the outbreak has crippled much of China’s economy, some businesses have thrived. Similarly, Zomato has taken initiatives where user has the option to choose to leave the food at the door and the user will pick it up at their convenience.
  • Drone Inspection: Drones are also being used for a wide range of applications, such as using thermal imaging to identify people infected with the virus and safely disinfecting contaminated areas. Thus, it will allow upgrading our Geospatial and GIS designs to have precise locations.
  • Virtual Doctors: The Virtual system can see a huge and massive outbreak by promoting distant working to take out prevention in a better way.  Ping An Good Doctor, which provides virtual online consultation for patients, has reported more than 1.1 billion visits since the outbreak. Given the risk of transmission between medical staff and patients, remote consultations are a very useful way to reduce the need for people to come into close contact with each other. 
  • Iktos and research center SRI International collaborated to discover and develop drugs to treat various viruses, including the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 and influenza. Blend of Iktos’s generative modeling technology with SRI’s fully automated synthetic chemistry platform called SynFini to design compounds and speed-up the identification of drug candidates. The firm leverages deep generative models for the accelerated drug discovery process, made possible via the automatic design of virtual molecules with the required characteristics of a new drug candidate.
  • Holoportation & 5G: With the advent of the disease, one needs to invest in one’s thinking to eliminate community participation and voluminous work culture. Microsoft has come up with strong notions of usage of Holoportation to avoid any kind of dissemination of virus. 3D capture and algorithms technology took the employees out of the studio and into a car – making Holoportation truly mobile.  To accomplish this, we reduced the bandwidth requirements by 97%, while still maintaining quality. This new mobile Holoportation system greatly increases the potential applications of real-time 3D capture and transmission. This kind of deployment of technology along with acceptance needs low latency with high speed which can trigger the process of harnessing 5G.
  • Google has launched an SOS alert and information related to the virus directly in the search, Facebook and Instagram are actively scanning posts that spread misinformation. Chongqing VIP Information, a Chinese scientific journal database service, said on its website that it’s making research papers open to all during the epidemic. Their analysis showed that bots typically had a high tweeting frequency, low topic diversity, and regularly posted the same URLs and hashtags. This helped distinguish them from real users, who are more likely to tweet about different subjects, use a variety of hashtags, include links to a mix of pages, tag other users, and post at a predictable frequency.
That being said, we can fight coronavirus and the only cure is prevention. Wash your hands frequently, sanitize if soap and water are not available. Stay at home and be careful while coughing and sneezing. Stay safe.

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