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OnePlus TV - Release Date, Specification and Price - Updated

OnePlus TV

The age of OTT has brought newer dimensions in its technology. The World is watching Web series be it on Netflix, Amazon Prime. Witness in metro or in airports, wherever and whenever you make yourself penetrated into different strata of societies, the technology has made its space. The cellular device giant OnePlus has clarified it's an intention by announcing that OnePlus TV will be launched by September 2019. Pete Lau has already shown the path of enhancing and upgraded versions of mobile handsets which have received huge fan following and now he wants to tap the most sophisticated and growing digital market in India.

OnePlus TV - Release Date in India

  • The company which has its origination from China has thought to launch in India rather than bringing out anything in USA and Europe. Lau has already expressed the notion of thanks for local content providers for his smart TV product. He already stated that it tough to notch the same in other places and he mentioned China in the same list. 
  • That September release date is a lot earlier than we had initially anticipated: in a December 2018 interview with India's daily newspaper Economic Times, Lau stated that there was no official deadline for launch, but that a 2020 release date was the rough plan.

OnePlus TV - Specifications - The Complete Package

OnePlus TV Bluetooth Remote

A product is incomplete for a tech nerd unless he or she doesn't ask about the specifications of the product. It is the hardware which brings the curiosity because it is that club of components which not only astonishes but gives the stardom to the software. To begin the same it should be the processor that will process the process to complete the process (The Amazing Engineering Viva Voce for the definition of Processor).
  • The OnePlus TV will be powered by the MediaTek MT5670 processor. This isn't particularly a well-known chipset but has four cores clocked at 1.5GHz. The tetra-core Mali G51 GPU will take care of the graphics. The TV will have 3GB of RAM and will run a customized version of Android TV 9.
  • The resolution will be adopted from Android TV 9 and will be off 1920 by 1280. OnePlus TV supports 4K resolution will be able to play 4K content without any issue.
  • OnePlus TV has appeared at the Bluetooth SIG, the official certification body for Bluetooth devices. This is a step that's taken close to launch, again suggesting that launch is imminent. The Bluetooth certification covers a range of different model numbers and these suggest a range of sizes will be available.
  • OnePlus also made a point of mentioning "image quality and audio experience". While that's not saying much, we suspect that OnePlus will be chasing some of the latest standards - HDR10+, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos - to deliver the experience. Also, the TV will come packed with 8 speakers with a total output of 50W for a richer sound experience.
  • With the Nexus of Samsung arm, OnePlus TV will bring the QLED TV Panels to enhance the view and sight to another level. The panels will ensure that the considerable curve of view is maintained to uphold the sight of eyes at the center.
  • OnePlus has certified a Bluetooth Remote. While there was no image, the OnePlus Remote is said to work on Bluetooth 4.2. The Bluetooth enabled OnePlus TV remote control could feature a dedicated button for accessing an AI assistant like the Google Assistant.
  • It has already been installed with voice control where will it offer the best of best of voice recognition commands with inbuilt far-field microphones.
  • The video calling services will be provided in order to ensure that you get an overall experience. This is the reason that the camera section is fitted with this Smart TV. It has solved the issues of privacy concerns linked with the camera.
OnePlus is reported to have confirmed that it won't be starting from scratch with its platform, it's going to use a "mainstream provider" so that the TV fits into existing ecosystems. That makes us think it will be Amazon or Google

OnePlus TV - Price

OnePlus TV has decided to bring out its lofty desires which should have seamless integration of everything. It somewhere looks that it has derived some of the features from Google and Amazon. Rest specification which is still not in the public domain will have to be checked out. 

We wouldn't be surprised to see the OnePlus TV running on Android, considering the company's experience from smartphones. Integrating with Google Assistant would dovetail the TV into a wide range of smart home systems which OnePlus seems keen to leverage, seeing the TV as a smart home hub, rather than just a place to watch TV.

Another issue which will be linked with it is the pricing of the product. All we can have tech geeks who have already started their bid over the price range at which it will be available.  Now as per OnePlus delegates are saying that the TV will be premium, but that's always been the message for OnePlus' smartphones and they have been aggressively priced against established rivals like LG, Sony, and Samsung - all big players in the TV space.

In Lau's word that it is the strategic partnership with Amazon, the price may be slightly cheaper than their [Sony and Samsung] products, but it won't be half the price. This somewhere and consolidates that we can’t be sure of the OnePlus TV being announced starting at a price similar to the Mi TVs, which is around Rs 12,000.

Update - 26 September

OnePlus TV has been launched today in a grand event. The TV models have been named as OnePlus TV Q1 Series which is available in:

OnePlus TV 55 Q1 - Rs 69,900

One Plus TV 55 Q1

OnePlus TV 55 Q1 Pro - Rs 99,900

One Plus TV 55 Q1 Pro

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