Wednesday, September 11, 2019

How To Send Web Pages Across Your Devices With Chrome

Google is always working on bringing something new to enhance the user experience with the world's most popular web browser, Chrome. This time with the Chrome update version 77, Google rolled out a feature where you can share the web page across all your connected devices.

For example, consider this situation, you are reading something on Laptop's Chrome and you are not finished yet and you need to shut your laptop down, and you want to continue reading the same page on your smartphone while you are traveling. You can now do it by sharing the chrome tab with all your connected devices. 

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How To Send Web Pages on Chrome from Your Laptop to Your Smartphone?

  1. You need to log in with the same Google account on all the Chrome browser installed across all your devices.
  2. Right-click on the tab you want to send, in my case, I am sending a web page from my MacBook Pro to my Galaxy Note 8 device.
    Send Web Page from Laptop To Smartphone
  3. You will receive a notification in your smartphone about the same.
    Notification received in the smartphone about the shared webpage.
  4. Click on the received notification to navigate to that page in Chrome browser of your smartphone.

How To Send Web Pages on Chrome from Your Smartphone to Your Laptop?

This process is quite similar to the previous one, just in this case you need to select the share option in your smartphone Chrome browser. Let's see how this can be done:

  1. In the opened tab in Chrome browser of your smartphone, select share option and then select select Send to your devices option.
    Select Send To your devices options to send webpages in chrome
  2. Selecting that you will see the list of available devices in your smartphone.
  3. Select the device and you will receive a Chrome notification in that device and the shared page will be opened.
The web page sending feature is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android users as of now.

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