Monday, July 29, 2019

Spotify's Upcoming Feature May Allow Users Add Songs In A Real-Time Playlist

Spotify App on Android

We all know when it comes to best music listening experience there is one app which bundles great playlists with hell lots of features. Yes, I am talking about Spotify which already has so many features like connected device, sharing real-time playing songs and many more. 

Now Spotify is testing a feature where users will be able to add songs to a real-time playlist. This feature will be known as 'Social Listening'. As of now, there is no other app with such a feature. Spotify is well known for its unique features. Adding such a feature in Spotify app may give sleepless nights to other music streaming services like Apple Music and Youtube Music. Spotify already offers Collaborative Playlists friends can add to, but Social Listening is designed for real-time sharing.
The music streaming app may expand the feature further to synchronize playback so that users can enjoy the same notes at the same time.

'Social Listening' feature was first noticed by a 23 years tech blogger, Jane Manchun Wong. In a Twitter post-Wong wrote, “Spotify is working on Social Listening, letting friends control music together with their own devices. Scan Spotify Code or open link for it to begin. For example, I'm listening Spotify right now. Feel free to introduce me to new music."

How to use Social Listening on Spotify

  1. Play a song on your phone on the Spotify app.
  2. Now select the connected device option.
  3. A code at the bottom of the screen will arrive.
  4. Now, on another phone, select the connected device option, tap scan code, and point camera at the first phone's code.
  5. After this, everyone can see the number of people listed in the connected device menu.
This should be kept in mind that this feature is still in testing and may not be available for the public at this point of time. Spotify has a collection of more than 40 million songs and 3 billion playlists. So, happy listening to your favorite music.

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