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Xiaomi MI Soundbar - Specifications, Price and Review

Xiaomi MI Soundbar
Image Courtesy - Xiaomi

Before talking about the sound, let's first talk about the picture. The modern day televisions are improving day by day. TVs are getting smarter and slimmer. The picture quality has improved a lot a some of the brands are offering 4K screens, smart connectivity, HDR and multiple ports. However, when it comes to the sound department, the sound of such TVs stands nowhere when compared to the picture quality. Even the sound of the some the expensive TVs is disappointing.

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When you are watching a full HD or 4K content and you are greeted with poor sound, it really spoils the mood. So, what is the solution for this issue? Connecting an external audio system which has a nice throw of lows and highs can solve this problem.

When I am talking about audio systems, there are many options available in the market. This could be a pair of speakers, a home theater system, headphones or soundbars. However, a home theater can give you the best immersive sound experience, but it comes at a high cost and involves a complicated installation.

Soundbars are quite easy to install and comes in a wide range of price. As you might know, Xiaomi is known for giving a very good set of hardware in its products at a very reasonable price. This time Xiaomi has done the same with Xiaomi MI Soundbar. So here is my detailed review for Xiaomi's MI Soundbar.

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Xiaomi MI Soundbar - Specifications

Product Details

Compatible with: TV, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows PC

Connectivity: Wired and Wireless (Bluetooth)


Bluetooth: Yes
Bluetooth Version: V4.2 LE
Aux x1
Line-In x1
Optical x1



Dimension and Weight

LxWxH = 830mm x 72mm x 87mm
Weight: 1.92kg
Frequency Response
50Hz to 25000Hz

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What you get in the box is the soundbar along with the power cable. One S/PDIF cable and, in case you want to wall mount the soundbar, you get the screws for that also.

Xiaomi MI Soundbar - Design

Talking about the design, Xiaomi MI Soundbar is a well-built speaker. The body is made up of plastic and it feels quite solid. The build quality can be judged when you press the plastic body of the soundbar. No matter how hard you press, you will not notice a flex. Talking about its looks, the white-colored speaker looks classy but it would also need lots of cleaning. The front has a fabric mesh which gives the MI Soundbar a premium look.

At the back, the soundbar has brackets to mount it on the wall and it is good that MI Soundbar comes with the right screws to mount it on the wall.

On the top Xiaomi MI Soundbar has physical buttons for source and volume controls. The controls are quite basic and there is no sound mode to change the listening experience. However, considering the price this can be overlooked. 

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Talking about the connectivity options, at the back the speaker has 1 Aux port, 1 Line-in port, 1 S/PDIF port, and 1 Optical port. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity. Everything on the back including the power port is neatly placed. There is a white LED at the top which indicated which input source is selected. Also, this soundbar does not come with a remote so it can be quite annoying to change the input source every time you need to. Although the input source buttons are nicely placed on the top but leaving the comfort in your bed and getting out to change the source can somewhere going to annoy you.

Xiaomi MI Soundbar Connectivity Options
Image Courtesy - Xiaomi

When it comes to Bluetooth connectivity, MI Soundbar can remember only one Bluetooth device. This is a serious issue in a time where there are multiple Bluetooth devices in a home including your laptop, smartphones and smart TV. 

Xiaomi claims that it could take you 30 seconds to set up this Xiaomi MI Soundbar. You just need to plug the power cable and audio cable with the TV, switch it on and you are done. As said earlier there is no remote control bundled with this soundbar, initially, it seemed not necessary but the more you start using it, the more you are going to miss the remote. This is a big miss from Xiaomi.

When you talk about a soundbar, the first thing that it has to be good at is, obviously the sound. Leave everything else, if a soundbar doesn't sound good and looks classy, it is of no use. Coming to the performance of MI Soundbar. It is packed with two 20mm dome tweeters, four passive radiators, and two 2.5 inch woofer drivers. It cannot match the lows of a subwoofer but you can feel the thump while watching action movies on Netflix or listening to music on Spotify

Xiaomi MI Soundbar Drivers
Image Courtesy - Xiaomi

The soundbar is loud enough to fill an average-sized room and it really improves the sound as compared to the onboard sound of a TV. However, when the volume is set to really high, you can feel the distortion in the highs. The point here is to note that there are no sound preset or equalizers present in Xiaomi MI Soundbar. So you always have to rely on the source sound presets and as mentioned earlier it remembers only one Bluetooth device it can annoy you if you connect your TV via Bluetooth and you would also like to connect your smartphone with it via Bluetooth to listen to your favorite music.

  • I liked its beautiful design.
  • It sounds consistent in an average room and on the average sound level.
  • Without the subwoofer, still, you can feel some base.
  • The set up was easy and fast.
  • Most importantly, the price. Only Rs 4,999 is required to enhance your TV's sound.
  • Pretty basic controls, no sound profiles.
  • No remote control
  • Can only remember one Bluetooth device.
  • No HDMI input.
  • No USB support.

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  1. great article!
    i think the mi soundbar is a gread addition to your setup if you want to enhance your sound experience without spending to much money.

  2. A virtual surround bar includes the left, center and right audio channels (also called LCR) all in one sleek cabinet. creative stage air soundbar


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