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Samsung Galaxy Buds - Low Volume Issue Fixed

Samsung Galaxy Buds Low Volume Issue Fixed

Samsung Galaxy Buds is a really cool device. They are tiny, well designed, feature-packed and work well with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I am using these buds for over a month and I would say I am quite satisfied with them.

When they got delivered I was quite excited. As soon as I started using them, the problem started. I was never a fan of Bluetooth earphones as they sound pathetic and on most of the devices, equalizers don't work. But I read reviews of Samsung Buds and most of them were positive, honestly, I thought they must be the paid ones.

While using them I felt that the sound coming from the earphones was good but volume was quite low. I increased the volume on my phone to the maximum but volume still seems low. I did not find any way to increase the sound output through the earphones.

I did my research and found the solution. To control these Samsung Buds, you need to install the Samsung Wearable App, and here is the secret, I found the fix here only. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Low Volume Issue Fixed - How?

How to fix Samsung galaxy buds low volume issue?

How to fix Samsung galaxy buds low volume issue?

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone.
  2. Hit the Touchpad option.
  3. Hit the "Right" option under the "Touch and Hold Touchpad".
  4. Select the Volume Up option.
Now you can increase the volume of the earbuds to the maximum and change this setting to your preference. Now you can manage the earbuds volume from your phone volume settings.

I hope this guide would have helped you to fix Samsung Galaxy Buds Low Volume Issue. You can share this fix so that our mates who bought these and facing the same issue will now able to resolve the same.

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