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Samsung Galaxy Buds Review, Truly Wireless - I am using it with Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The time has come to leave the wires behind and true wireless earphones are trending now. Although the quality and reliability of wired earphones are at par compared to wireless earphones/earbuds. But the matter of fact is wireless is always more convenient than the wired ones. The future is moving towards wireless, though it is Bluetooth speakers, wireless displays and many more gadgets are shifting from being wired to wireless. In this trend, Samsung moved a step ahead by launching Samsung Galaxy Buds with the newest generation of smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S10. Though this is not Samsung's first attempt in the true wireless audio segment, Samsung has already produced two generations of Samsung Gear IconX.

How these tiny Samsung Galaxy Buds perform in the real world? I am using these Galaxy Buds for two weeks with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device and I am going to share my experience for the same and also will also share the pros and cons of these buds when used with other devices. So let's get started.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Specifications

Brand: Samsung
Color: White, Black, Yellow
Functions: Answering Phone, Bluetooth, Microphone, Song Switching, Sweatproof, Voice control, Google Assistant
Material: Plastic
Type: In-Ear
Product Details
Compatible with: Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows PC
Connectivity: Wireless
Charging Time.: 1h
Standby Time: Up to 20 Hours
Talk time: Up to 5 Hours
Extended Function
Bluetooth: Yes
Bluetooth mode: Hands-free
Bluetooth protocol: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth v5.0 (LE up to 2 Mbps)
Battery Information
Battery Capacity(mAh): 58 per earbud
Case Battery Capacity(mAh): 252
Battery Type: Built-in
Dimension and Weight
Earbud dimension: 19.2 x 17.5 x 22.5 mm
Earbud weight: 6g
Case dimension: 26.5 x 70 x 38.8 mm
Case weight: 40g
Package Contents
Earbuds, Eartips (S, M, L), Quick Start Guide, USB Cable, Wingtips (S, M, L), Wireless Charging Dock

Samsung Galaxy Buds Design

Galaxy Buds comes in a small case, the one I ordered is Black and these are also available in White and Yellow colors. The earbuds are tiny and designed to wear in "in-ear" pattern. The material used for earbuds and the case is plastic but when holding these, they feel premium in hand. The case itself is very small in size and lightweight too so it is easy to carry without putting any extra weight in your pocket. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Black

The earbuds look cool and incorporate touch controls which can be used to play/pause your music, skip tracks, answer and end calls, and launch Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby on compatible devices. Touch controls can be customized via the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app (Android only), choose from volume (up on the right, down on the left) or launching Bixby (long press on either bud). The long press can also kick in the ambient sound feature temporarily. 

Having touch controls is a good and convenient feature but you have to be precise with your taps while using this feature. While using this I missed some actions as I did not tap at the correct point on the earbuds. While this feature becomes convenient when you are working out and you tap to change the track or answer a call. However, with the time you get used to it and you start tapping at the correct point.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Features and Performance

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus or Galaxy S10e, pairing the buds is a seamless experience, similar to how the Apple AirPods connect instantly to iPhones. However, I am using it with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and I got the same pairing experience. The earbuds got detected as soon as I opened the case. There is no connection dropout and pairing issues so far. 

Some users reported connection issues but that seems to be software which Samsung is fixing with regular updates. Till now I received two software updates for these buds and they are working flawlessly.

These Samsung Galaxy Buds are tiny and surprisingly they sound great. The audio is tuned by AKG which is now owned by the Korean giant. The bass is deep and the sound separation is also amazing for these little buds. When listening to bass heavy tracks these little buds gave me a real surprise by delivering all thumping which was further enhanced by the outside noise separation since these are in-ear type. 

However, it lacked while playing with the mids but that is not a deal breaker for me because I am not an audiophile and I love bass. So these buds work for me. Having said that if you love bass, go for these. Though you won't get the feeling of those large over the ear headphones as they have better noise isolation but delivering such quality sound in such a small package is impressive.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Charging Case

Talking about the charging case, it is compact and easily slides in your pocket when you are listening to your favorite music on the go.  As compared to the previous generation Samsung Gear IconX, Samsung buds are now smaller in size and lighter in weight. Talking precisely, these are now 30% smaller and this surely makes a difference if you are carrying it in your pocket. 

The case looks good and feels sturdy and has little magnets that hold the buds in their place. The case has Samsung branding and below it labels Designed by AKG. The case has two led lights, one is outside which you can see when you close the case lid tells the remaining charge of the case and the other one you can see when you open the lid which tells the remaining charge of the buds. 

The case can be charged in both wired and wirelessly. It has a USB Type C port which lets you charge the case with a standard travel charger. You can also charge this wirelessly. Either you can use a wireless charger oy you can use your S10's reverse charging feature to charge it directly with your phone. However, am using Samsung's fast wireless charger to charge it which I got with my Samsung Note 8.

The buds have up to 6 hours of battery life and the case provides an additional 7 hours to them which is pretty good.

Samsung Galaxy Buds App

Samsung has dedicated Samsung Wearable app that allows users to connect their wearable devices to Android smartphones. This app adds some extra features including preset equalizers. You can also customize the touch settings of the earbuds via this app. 

Samsung Wear App on Samsung Note 8

There is a feature called 'ambient sound' feature that lets you mix the ambient sound with your music so that you stay alert of the surroundings without compromising on your music. 

One handy feature it has which is 'Find My Earbuds'. If you misplace your earbuds you can find them by using this feature. When you enable this it will help you track down your earbuds by playing a constant tweeting sound. 

Performance With iPhone and Other Andriod Phones

As said earlier in this article, Samsung Galaxy Buds gives a seamless connection and amazing sound quality when used with Samsung Galaxy S10 devices. Same as in my case when I used it with my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. However, let's talk about its performance when used with other than Samsung devices.


These earbuds pair with iPhone with no issues but you won't get a performance like Apple Airpods. To get better performance you need to install Samsung Wearable App which is sadly not available for iOS. When using with iPhones you get an average quality sound and these buds don't work to their full capacity with iPhones. In my opinion, these are useless with iPhones.


Talking about other non-Samsung Android phones, Samsung Galaxy Buds pairing has no issues and can be tuned further to enhance the sound quality by using Samsung Wear app. The sound quality of buds with other Android phones is also good as a OnePlus 6 user reported to be working great with his device. Also, these buds work like charm with Google's Pixel devices. Just the case you need to install the app to use this to the fullest.

Price and Availability

Samsung Galaxy Buds are available on Amazon and Samsung online stores. You can get this for INR 9,990. However, you can get this for INR 5,000 if you order with your new Samsung Galaxy S10 device.  

What I don't like about Samsung Galaxy Buds

The first thing which I don't like about this is the ambient sound. This feature works but can be irritating if there is some wind. You will get a constant whistle noise in your ears which worsen the experience. Also walking in traffic, this feature never made a significant impact as I always have to remove the earbuds while walking or crossing the street.

The second point, when you are using this with a Samsung device, you are good. As soon as you start using this with other than Samsung phones, you will notice some lag while playing youtube videos. This lag you cannot expect with such an expensive device. 

The third thing is that you have to be very precise with the touch controls otherwise you will miss some actions. Even I am also not 100% accurate with these.


If you have a Samsung smartphone then Samsung Galaxy Buds are a fantastic pair of truly wireless earbuds with some awesome features and great sound quality which makes them stand out of the competition. But if you are using an iPhone then these buds are not for you, rather fo for Airpods. 

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