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Google Stadia - A Cloud Based Gaming Service

Google Stadia

“It is Gaming 3.0”

What is Stadia?

Geeks of Gaming lifestyle will change. The era of PlayStation enhanced and revolutionize the modern age of video gaming with geo-movements as inputs to console can bolster the effects. And what if it told that Google is ready to advance this domain to make it console-free.

Google has announced a new gaming platform called ‘Stadia’, to be launched in the US, UK and the rest of Europe in 2019. Many have called it the Netflix of gaming. It is a differentiating and potentially disruptive proposition in the gaming market:

  • It allows users to play high-end video games instantly on a phone, tablet, PC or TV
  • Games will be streamed rather than downloaded or purchased on a disc, negating the need for a dedicated console
  • It has a direct connection with YouTube, allowing users to broadcast directly to the platform with a press of a button on the dedicated controller
  • The service will be subscription based


  1. Stadia has made an impressive splash – within a week of its reveal, 4 in 10 (39%) of the World public are aware of it, with over 1 in 10 (11%) saying they are very familiar. Over a third of the higher spending gamer community are very familiar with it already. This is a solid foundation at this early stage.
  2. After describing the service, we see 1 in 3 (34%) saying they are interested in subscribing, peaking among console gamers (58%) and higher spenders on gaming (75%). Interest has a male bias (43% versus 25% female) and peaks among 25-34s (56%).
  3. The monthly fee is the core barrier right now. An additional core barrier among console gamers is the rent rather than own aspect. These reservations are stronger than technical barriers (like lag and quality) as it stands, which may become more prevalent as details of Stadia’s actual performance in peoples’ homes become more readily available.
  4. While console gamers are among the most interested in Stadia, they remain strongly loyal to the idea of the console. There is more evidence to show loyalty to the console than evidence to show a migration from console to a Stadia subscription.


The way Google adopted the style of announcing its custom streaming Stadia, it made clear that it has partnered with AMD to deploy customized GPU with 10.7 TFLOPS of computing power blended with 8 GB of HBM2 RAM. Google has created its own gaming platform that is poised to render the gaming console obsolete under the tag Stadia. The service doesn’t require expensive rigs or gaming software- any laptop, TV or phone that can access YouTube can connect gamers to a platform.

Stadia will run on a custom chip from AMD, which has the combined computing power of Sony PlayStation 4 and an Xbox One. It will allow Google data centers around the world to stream 4k gaming content at 60 frames per second with HDR and surround sound over any hardware – smartphone, tablet, Chromecast enabled TV or PC. 

In the future, as per the claims of Google, Stadia will be streaming games at 120 frames per second. Google cloud gaming service aims to make YouTube the centerpiece for accessing and sharing game streaming client. The YouTube integration will also pave the way for professional game streamers to invite their followers to play with them during matches.

Stadia will be linked to a video site to ensure that the user can press the Play Now button and enter into the game within seconds. Players can start a game on one device and continue it on another for advanced mobile gaming. Google will also sell its Stadia controller, which isn’t required to game but makes it easier for people to share their games straight to YouTube with a capture button. It gives a signal that Google has made up mind to disrupt the world of gaming with the notions of no-console and taking it online portal with complete gesture movements and stepping up streaming operations induction into gaming domain.

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