Wednesday, April 10, 2019

These Are The 5 New WhatsApp Features That Will Be Coming Soon To Your Device

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app with more than 1.5 billion active users. WhatsApp is also available on almost every platform, the best thing is that the company pushes updates more often to keep its users updated with the new features. As I said about the updates, let us talk about the 5 new features that you will be getting soon.

Please note that some of the features are already available in the beta version of WhatsApp. If you want to join the beta program to get the early access to this feature, you may follow this link.

1. Fingerprint Authentication

As you might know that the iOS version of WhatsApp has already got this update where users can lock the app using fingerprint or Face Id on the newer iPhones. However, Android has not got this update. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is already working on this feature and it might come soon for Android users as well. WABetaInfo manages to get a screenshot of this. 

whatsapp fingerprint lock android
Image courtesy: WABetaInfo

2. Dark Mode

This is one of the most demanded features for all apps. Dark mode is a feature that enables the dark theme for that app and makes it easier for the eyes if you are using your phone at bedtime in the night. WhatsApp is working on this feature and WABetaInfo manages to get a screenshot of this too.  Dark mode on WhatsApp looks good even though it is not fully developed yet.

whatsapp dark mode
Image courtesy: WABetaInfo

3. Consecutive Voice Messages

There always be a problem when you receive back to back voice messages from a person and to listen to those messages you need to hit the play button for every message you want to listen. Now WhatsApp has given this feature in the beta version to play all the messages from a contact at once. You don't need to tap the play button of every single voice message you receive. this makes it easier to listen to multiple voice messages. 

4. Enhanced PiP mode

Though we have this feature for quite some time, according to some reports WhatsApp is working to enhance this feature more to make it more useful for users. As of now, this feature isn't available yet, it is expected that the app will allow the users to play the videos even when the app is pushed to the background.  Right now, the video is closed when if the user navigates away from WhatsApp or switches to a different chat window. 

5. Forwarding Information

WhatsApp added a feature in the beta version of the app which gives information about the forwarded messages that how many times that message has been forwarded. This feature is available in the 2.19.86 beta update and we may see this in the stable version pretty soon.

forwarded info whatsapp
Image courtesy: WABetaInfo

Like I said, some of the features are already available in the beta version of WhatsApp and they might be available in the future updates of the app soon. Meanwhile, we will keep an eye on the upcoming updates and features being added by WhatsApp and will keep you posted. So stay tuned.

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