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Reliance Jio GigaFiber - Prices, Plans and Technology Explained - SingleWindowTech

JIO GigaFiber Router

Forget trade wars between the US and China,  the war which began in 2016 created a mammoth impact on the telecom sector. This led to the emergence of One Giant organization when Idea and Vodafone merged to tackle this issue. The gates for the data were opened for the Indian for free of cost when the advent of Jio happened. And today, Jio is having the 3rd most number of subscribers after Airtel and merger. Nobody ever imagined the price one is paying for 1 GB data once 250 Rs. will reduce to two digits to a single digit.

Apple News+ Get 300 Magazines for $9.99 a Month

Apple News Plus Magazines on iPad

The advancement of technology demands smartness in equipment and services and in every domain. Smart news where news follower gets news of about or what they want to listen will build a great deal of sophistication in news technology. Apple with this in mind took a galloping lap to mark its significance in this domain with style.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, now it is Apple TV+

Apple TV Plus

The picture of Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg along with Apple CEO Tim Cook in Cupertino can bring alarming situation for Netflix, Amazon Prime was never imagined.  Apple with these moves in recent time is hammering other competitors. Apple TV+ is essentially Apple’s entry in a world dominated by Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. Apple claims it features the “world’s most creative storytellers featuring exclusive original shows, movies, and documentaries”.

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Apple Card - Everything You Need To Know - SingleWindowTech

Apple Card
The lightest and thinnest symbol of time is out now and you may call it with Apple Card. The Apple Credit Card holds the functionality of the transactional business and will be the next biggest happening in the town after the discovery of cryptocurrencies. Nobody ever imagined that this money card system will evolve at a faster pace. Apple is making itself the biggest and most trustable company users can lie upon for their love for gadgets.

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Xiaomi Mi Airdots Pro Review - The Best Budget Earbuds?

Xiaomi Airdots Pro Review

Xiaomi is known for manufacturing products that are not only good in quality but also has aggressive pricing. This time Xiaomi has launched the next generation of True Wireless Earphones that is Xiaomi Airdots Pro. On the first look, it looks like cheap Apple Airpods. I am going to review Airdots Pro and discuss with you whether you should bet your hard-earned money on this or not. So, let's start.

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6 Best Spotify Tips and Tricks You Should Know - SIngleWindowTech

Spotify Tips and Tricks

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services around the world. Recently Spotify stepped in India. Spotify has more than 200 million users across 80 countries.  I think most of us know how to use Spotify. You can play songs for free with ads and restricted offline support. You need to spend some money to get rid of these. If you are a music junkie and want to enhance the music experience then my friend you have come to the right place. We have a list of best Spotify Tips and Tricks that you must know. Here goes the list:

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6 Best Spotify Tips and Tricks

1. Real-Time Cross-Device Payback Control

Spotify real Time Playback

This one is one of my favorites features of Spotify. This syncs your current listening session to cloud giving you the power to control the playback across devices. Named as Spotify Connect, this feature enables you to play music and control it from any of your devices. For example, if you are listening to music on your laptop and you can control the playback from your smartphone. 

As you can see in the screenshot above I am listening to music on my laptop but Spotify app on my Android displays the song that is being played on my laptop. You can control the play, pause, next and previous from your mobile device. Also, you can seamlessly switch between devices by tapping the Spotify Connect icon at the bottom of the player.

2. Advanced Search

Image Source: Spotify
Searching with Artist, Album or Title in a music streaming app is quite common. Spotify has an advanced search feature that enables you to search with advanced parameters also like AND/OR/NOT. You can also filter your search with the year, genre, label etc. For more details on the advanced search feature, you may follow this link.

3. Find Remix Tracks

Spotify Find Remix Tracks

Everyone has their own likes. Some like the original one and some prefer the remix numbers. Spotify has a feature for this. You can find the remix tracks of the original one in the player itself. If there is a remix track available you can see right below the album with the number of releases. You don't need to make another search for the remix alternative, it's right there. Spotify has kept the list for you.

4. Share Links with Timestamps

Spotify Share Track with Timestamp

This is an awesome feature which I love. If you need to share a song which starts at a specific minute and seconds, you can do this here. All you need to do is:
  • Open the Spotify desktop app.
  • Navigate to the desired track
  • Click on the three dots next to the track
  • Click on the option Copy Spotify URI
  • Paste the copied URI which looks like  this spotify:track:7heMX7gyHP0mhTlNgd7Lxd
  • Now put # at the end of the URI followed by the timestamp 1:10 (One minute and 10 seconds) at the end of the pasted text which looks like spotify:track:7heMX7gyHP0mhTlNgd7Lxd#1:10
  • Share this with your friends which then he pastes this in the search of Spotify desktop app
  • The track then starts playing from this timestamp. This is cool.
  • Please note: This feature works with the desktop app only. Not with the mobile app, not with the web. 

5. Share Songs to Instagram Stories

Spotify Share Songs to Instagram Stories

No need to share the screenshot of the song you are listening to Instagram. Gone such days in India now. Share your favorite songs directly to Instagram stories. 
  • Tap the three dots next to the track
  • Tap the share option
  • Select Instagram stories in the options and you are done.

6. Spotify Controls in Google Maps

This is quite useful to me personally. Spotify integration with Google maps finished last year. While driving you are most likely listening to your favorite tracks. Like other things, Google knows this as well, so it integrated Spotify in Google maps. This is how you can enable this option:

  • Open the hamburger menu in the Google maps and tap Settings
  • Now hit the Navigation Settings
  • Now toggle the button next to the "Show Media Controls" and select Spotify as your default media playback app. You just need to provide permission to link your Spotify account with Google Maps.

  • Spotify Google Maps Controls

    You are now all set to start using Spotify within the Google maps. Start your navigation and you will see the Spotify controls on it.

    Which of these Spotify tips or tricks did you find the best? Also, think I missed out on a nifty trick that should have definitely been on this list, then let me know in the comments down below.

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    Best Free VPN Apps That You Can Trust

    Best Free VPN Apps That You Can Trust

    Looking for VPN apps/services that are free and also can be trusted upon is a tedious task. If you look for free VPN apps on Android or iOS you will find tons of useless apps.

    All these free VPN apps are effective but, a wise man once said: "If you're not paying for the product, you are the product"

    So these free VPNs are free on one hand but on the other hand, they might be selling your user data. This is logical, understand. They are already paying for servers, why will they give you the VPN service for FREE. Think.

    Free VPN Apps on Google Playstore

    According to The Verge, in 2017, 84% of the free VPN apps leaked user traffic data and rest of have malware in them. Many of those don't even use encryption.

    So taking risk is not worthy with these free VPN apps. There are some good free VPN services which I personally trust. 

    Free VPN Services

    Opera Browser and VPN

    Opera Browser VPN

    Yes, Opera is a browser that has a VPN in its private mode. This comes for desktop and mobile as well. To access VPN you need to download Opera browser on your desktop and for mobile, you need to download the Opera Beta browser. All you need to do is to download and install the Opera browser and go to the private mode. Switch on the VPN and it will automatically select an optimal location for you. You can also select the location yourself. 

    The only downside of this that VPN works under the browser only. It does not work on the device level.

    Proton VPN

    Proton VPN

    If you need system-wide VPN, go for Proton VPN. It is made by the same CERT and MIT team that was responsible for creating secure email service protonmail. You just need to download the app and turn it on and all your internet traffic will be rerouted through countries like Switzerland and Iceland. The cool thing about ProtonVPN is that it offers unlimited data with a speed limit. So if you are not ok with the restricted speed you can always go with the premium option which starts at just $4 only.



    So here comes a VPN service where you get all the privacy and also you don't need to compromise on the internet speed. Cloudflare is not like other VPN apps instead its a DNS service but it works the same way. Just download the app and tap on connect. It will overwrite your ISP DNS queries to that of Cloudflare that is Now your ISP won't be able to see what you are browsing and will also bypass the country censorship like the Indian government banned the porn sites. 

    You can set this up for your Mac, Windows, Linux and even on router level. To see how to do this just follow this link.

    The important thing to know about free VPN is that no free VPN can bypass geo-restrictions on Netflix and offer unlimited high-speed connection. They also don't support torrent networks. You need to get a paid VPN service if you want to add these features.

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    How Google Reverse Image Search Works? Explained - SingleWindowTech

    Google Reverse Image Search

    Reverse Image Search  - Definition

    Most of us turn to Google to search for information and images, but sometimes you may want to look up an image you already have. Maybe you want to find out where it originated, expose it as a fake photo, or verify the claims of whoever posted it. Whatever your motivation, this is known as a reverse image search.

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    Samsung Galaxy M30 Review - Price, Specification and more.

    Samsung Galaxy M30

    Samsung recently launched two smartphones of its new M-series such as Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20. Continuing with its aggressive take on the giant online market by introducing Samsung Galaxy M30. Whether Galaxy M30 brings remarkable improvements over the Galaxy M20? Let’s have a look at the spec of a newly released smartphone.

    The Samsung Galaxy M30 is available in the Black and Gradient blue color options. Bumping to specifications part that the phone features a 6.4-inch Full HD+ display with a screen resolution of 2220 x 1080 pixels.  This Smartphone powered by the latest Samsung Exynos 7904 processor, which also powers the Galaxy M20. The phone is having 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage option.

    SAMSUNG GALAXY M30 Specifications




    Super AMOLED FHD+ 6.4 inches, 1080 x 2280 pixels, Infinity-U Display


    1.8 GHz, Octa Core, Samsung Exynos 7904 Processor


    4GB, 6GB and LPDDR4 X RAM

    Internal Storage

    64GB / 128GB


    Android 8.1 Oreo, Experience UI

    Primary Camera
    5MP (depth sensor) + 5MP (ultra-wide) + 13mp (f1.9)

    Front Camera

    16MP (F2.0)

    Fingerprint Sensor

    Available, rear-mounted


    5000mAh with fast charging option

    Samsung Galaxy M30 Unboxing

    This time Samsung doesn’t add headphones or case cover within the box. Then, here what you get is:
    • Handset
    • Fast Charger & Cable
    • SIM Ejector tool and Documentation

    Samsung Galaxy M30 Design

    The Samsung Galaxy M30 has a beautiful AMOLED display and looks fantastic from the front side. The screen to body ratio is more than 90% and the display aspect ratio is 19.5:9 which is great.

    The Front camera sits within the U-shaped notch, which is smaller than the V-shaped notch of Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M10. As other M-series of Samsung, the back frame still remains the same second-rate plastic, but Samsung has added a gradient finish of the spicy look to the freak lovers. But it won’t a big matter, once you cover them in a case. The charging port at the bottom is reversible Type-C and the SIM tray has a dual SIM with dedicated MicroSD card slot.

    At the bottom, it has the main microphone, the speaker and the 3.5mm headphone jack. On the top, it has a secondary noise cancellation microphone. Coming to the right, it has volume rockers and the power button.

    Samsung M30 face unlock and fingerprint scanner

    On the other side, sensor fingerprint requires to stretch our index fingers to the top that force to say it’s a part inaccessible one. But the face-unlock feature proved to be a reliable alternative.

    Samsung Galaxy M30 Display

    Samsung Galaxy M30 Display

    The gorgeous Super AMOLED display is what really makes our finger to vote for Galaxy M30. We almost liked the display on the Galaxy M20 as well, yet the AMOLED panel of M30 simply attracts than anything else and also available at the same price too.
    The Phone allows users an option to choose profiles between four different colors. The maximal brightness is better enough for occasional usage under direct sunlight.

    Samsung Galaxy M30 Performance

    Samsung Galaxy M30 Performance

    About the processor, the Galaxy M30 has the same Exynos 7904, which we can see on recent edition Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M30. Easy put, this octa-core mobile platform is rather common and falls short of Snapdragon 675 and 660 are the other options available in the flat price.

    Till now, we didn’t face any issues with everyday usage, even when engaging with multiple apps. Anyhow, the high-end apps like PUBG and TikTok are obviously usable without hanging problems. Highly expected the performance to hold well in the long term.

    Software on the phone still based on latest Android version of Oreo, Samsung reveals that the Pie update is under work. 

    Differentiating a good interface from a very good interface is usually delicate refinement, but it is still a subjective matter. If you ask that is really will be like the software on the Galaxy M30 like Xiaomi, Realme, and Vivo phones. Of course yes, because unlike most phones in this category, the Galaxy M30 can stream HD content from Netflix and Amazon Prime. Also unlike the Galaxy M20, Galaxy M30 has the dual-band Wi-Fi support. Damn sure, there is no other issue with calling or connectivity issues in our area.

    Samsung Galaxy M30 Camera

    Samsung Galaxy M30 Camera

    When compared to M20, the Galaxy M30 adds a third camera sensor to meet peak taste. This extra part is a depth sensor, which makes the live focus mode better than the software offered portrait mode over Galaxy M20.

    The other two rear cameras remain the same as a 13MP sensor with f/1.9 orifice lens, and a 5MP wide-angle shooter with an f/2.2 orifice. As usual, we haven’t noticed any major changes in the performance of the camera over other Samsung creations. Not exactly but yes, the gallery images do look better when compared with Galaxy M20 phone screen.   

    Coming to the selfie camera, however, have a higher resolution 16MP sensor with in-display flash and analogous improvement in selfie quality.

    Samsung Galaxy M30 Battery and Sound Quality

    The battery backup is excellent on Galaxy M30 as it packs a massive 5000 mAh battery. The phone can hold the battery for a day among heavy usage. It also supports fast charging capability and you get the fast charger bundled with the smartphone.

    The audio output through loudspeaker is decent. When using headphones, the audio experience is excellent as Samsung packs the Dolby Atmos support.

    Samsung M30 Sensors

    Samsung Galaxy M30 Sensors

    Samsung has a bad history regarding the sensors in the budget smartphones but this time Galaxy M30 is packed with all the necessary sensors like Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Fingerprint, Compass, Proximity and Ambient light sensors. Good work Samsung.

    Samsung Galaxy SAR Value

    Since the recent reports comimng up about the radiatins coming out of phone. This is great to see that Samsung is reveling the SAR value of the device. As per the manufacturer Galaxy M30 emits low radiation with 0.409W/Kg head SAR value. Well this value is quite low as comapred to the Xiaomi smartphones.

    Samsung Galaxy M30 Price

    Galaxy M30 comes in two variants. The 4GB + 64GB is priced at Rs. 14,990 and the 6GB + 128GB is priced at Rs. 17,990. Galaxy M30 is available via flash sale on Amazon. To know when the next sale is, click here.

    If you are not much into high-end gaming and restricted by a stable budget, Samsung Galaxy M30 is right suited with a gorgeous display, massive battery and a good camera in a budget.

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    How does Facial Recognition System Work? Explained - SingleWindowTech

    Facial Recognition System

    Facial Recognition System - Definition

    In recent years, face recognition has attracted much attention and its research has rapidly expanded by not only engineers but also neuroscientists, since it has many potential applications in computer vision communication and automatic access control system.
    Especially, face detection is an important part of facial recognition as the first step of automatic face recognition. However, face detection is not straightforward because it has lots of variations of image appearance, such as pose variation (front, non-front), occlusion, image orientation, illuminating condition and facial expression.

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