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What is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) - Explained - SingleWindowTech

What is Software-as-a-Service - SaaS

Have you ever given a thought about how a software works? Software which has multiple tasks has multiple databases which are joined accordingly to show the performance of any work or task distributed over durations. What happens when this data loaded into the software takes a new model when it comes to the internet. The server has to check according to the check and access points to present what the user needs to see or how much it should see without any tampering. 

What is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)?

Software-as-a–Service (SaaS) is an application delivery model that enables users to utilize a software solution over the Internet. SaaS revenue models are typically subscription based, where users pay a fixed recurring fee over a period of time (often monthly or annually). 
The SaaS platform service provides a business system with the functions required for the development and operation of SaaS applications. SaaS is a method for delivering software that provides remote access to software as a web-based service. The software service can be purchased with a monthly fee and pay as you go.
There are basic 4 components of SaaS , these are the “basic functions” that include authentication, user management and authorization control; the “common components” that include E-mail distribution and billing data generation, the “service linkage” that implements linkage with other services, and the “development framework” that covers the methodology as well as tools for the development of SaaS applications.

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Basic Functions of SaaS:

What is Software-as-a-Service - SaaS

  1. Authentication: This function includes the mechanism that allows end users to authenticate themselves by entering the ID and password on the browser and the authentication API that is used by the SaaS providers to create the authentication screen on the SaaS application.
  2. User Management: This function allows the SaaS provider or tenant manager to register/update/delete user information on a browser. Batch processing of end-user information by specifying the date/ time of application makes it possible to create a large amount of user information in advance and to register it simultaneously, e.g. when a lot of new employees are recruited etc. 
  3. Authorization Control: This function sets the access authorization the SaaS applications and content area per tenant or end user. It is also possible to set the authorization for access to the functions in the SaaS application that can be expressed via a URL.

Designing the Framework of SaaS:

When the business systems of group companies are developed based on the business system of the enterprise, the development efficiency, administration, and maintenance functions can be improved by implementing a multi-tenant compatible application. 

There are several facts which one has to keep in mind before delivering the architecture and the body with flesh and blood of SaaS:

  1. Implementation of Multi-Tenant Application: The multi-tenant application can be implemented by controlling both processing and data access using the information of the tenant to which the end user belongs.
  2. Online Batch Linkage: A function is provided for asynchronously launching batch processing from an online application. 
  3. E-mail Distribution: This function provides the service with which the tenant manager distributes E-mails to the end users. An API with HTTPS communication compatibility is provided to enable reservation of the distribution time/date and acquisition of the distribution result and read/click measurement result.
  4. Billing Data generation: This function generates billing data of tenants and end-users according to the usage of SaaS applications based on the predetermined tariff system.
  5. Report Format Development: This function is provided via API to create reports in a PDF file and store it in the specified folder according to the PDF creation instruction from a SaaS application.

Benefits of SaaS:

SaaS had delivered huge benefits since its inception by some firms or those who are adopting this format from those who are building this platform on daily basis and after hands-on they have showered their expertise from time to time. 

Given are the following advantages:

  • Managing Cash Flow: When choosing a hosting platform, this is an important difference to keep in mind. Traditional hosting environments require large initial capital outlays to procure required infrastructure before a single customer can be onboarded.
  • Reduce Platform Support: A SaaS delivery model allows an ISV to dedicate their valuable engineering resources to develop technology that leads to greater innovation and differentiation of their solution in the market. With the distributed client-server computing model, the end user takes on the responsibility of building the platform required to support the business application.
  • Increase Sale Velocity: Like cloud computing, SaaS allows an ISV to provide this level of instant gratification to their customer, as well as their sales team and channel partners. No longer does an enterprise sales executive have to wait 4 weeks for a customer to acquire hardware, operating system licenses and data center space followed by installation and configuration of the business application to start an evaluation. The reality is that cloud computing allows ISVs to deliver software in a truly on-demand manner. Reduce sales cycles from months to days.
  • Fast Adoption: Selecting and deploying a business application is never an easy or fun task. Oftentimes the employees on the business and IT side need to work together to ensure needs are met on both sides.
  • Flexibility: Today’s most successful businesses are able to gain a competitive edge because they are flexible and more easily deal with change. This type of flexibility could require new features for business applications, new functionality, adding new users to an application or adopting a new application entirely.
  • Cutting Application Cost: Decreasing the cost of business applications benefits everyone, from the CEO to the individual business units, including the IT staff. It might have an even bigger impact on individual business units than you realize.

SaaS Market:

Many organizations have participated after the concept of SaaS took birth to give it into real-world application. Today these vendors have their own value to present this bonanza of the platform so that rest can have smoother and faster transactions and executions of the task. Some of the contenders are:
1. Google
2. Adobe
3. ShopiFy
4. Oracle
5. Salesforce
6. Survey Monkey
7. MailChimp
8. Slack
9. WordPress
10. Amazon Web Services

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