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What is #10YearChallenge?

10 Years Challenge

Hashtags which were one of the most important characters in one's coding as the comment has found new significance in social media. These hashtags which are used to find the perfect keyword related to events, memes,  post etc. Facebook holds a pivotal role to give new life or precisely oxygen to these hashtags through their social media posts. And it becomes a fashion or trend when these hashtags are blended with some new stop of making it something out of the blue stock.

One can observe several changes in the social media when new memes arrive and which do not have time delays to get floated to one sphere to another sphere. Recently, 10 Year Challenge came into the realm of affairs and which has brought different users to get attracted and made them flow with the trend.

What is #10YearsChallenge?
Believe me, it's not a definition which I am going to provide here. It calls for posting two photos of yourself side by side - one from today and one from a decade ago - to show how you have changed. And yes, it gained widespread traction on social media. It was all fun and memes when Facebook delegate or user-defined memes come to the market which gets such a huge audience and love from the crowd ( These memes are like glamour achieved by stars which achieve the different feat in today's era day to day). Some took it in different and presented different versions of their surroundings or the periods of life.

Earlier completing the #10YearChallenge, Marvel shared pictures of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, and Agent Coulson.

Myth, Bliss or Curse:

Calling it a myth? Yes, it is not less than social modern superstitions of the world. Recent tweet moved thousands of people to worry: "Are we unknowingly helping giant corporations to improve their algorithms for biometric identification and age of progression?"

Calling it a bliss? Definitely not. It's more than a curse. People who are reacting to this stuff are getting obsessed with their self modes obtained during the period they have started using social media. Telling the world that how you changed matters whom apart from you. Show the improvements in yourself. Build the characters and trait with which people can admire rather than commenting Looking Great, Nyc pic, Looking cute or Wow! SO BEAUTIFUL.

It's not the agony which is calling for such nincompoops. It is a hilarious act committed by people who have forgotten to commit themselves to other activities after coming back from schools, colleges, offices etc and getting busy with selfies.

You want to take 10 Year Challenge then accept the challenge to uplift your family member or the one who is deprived of the amenities or do something for your country or at least be honest in whatever you do.

These activities will make one stand tall and apart from others. One should ponder how all this data could be mined to train facial recognition algorithms on age progression and age recognition.

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Securing Posts:
Lauren A. Rhue,  an assistant professor of information systems and analytics at the Wake Forest School of Business, said people should be wary of any company being in possession of such large trove of biometric data.

Facebook announced it was using facial recognition technology in 2010. When people upload photos of their friends, Facebook can use technology to suggest the names of people in the picture. It can also alert users if they are in a photo posted by their friend.

Although they have clearly stated that they don't intend to help strangers identify you, and has repeatedly pointed out that users can disable facial recognition in their personal settings but let's discuss as conclusions some of the instances:

1. Cambridge Analytica was accused of data leakage from Facebook.

2. The Government of France fined Uber 4.6 million for data leakage. 

Also, Facebook has stated that #10yearschallenge was not started by them, it was a user's post which went viral. But, who knows the truth?

No one can imagine how and for what purpose these can be used by crime offenders. One can deliberately claim that we are discussing cons and cons only but yes one should understand, appreciate and accolade the marketing strategy of Social Media to engage their users with such frequency. 

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