Friday, January 11, 2019

URI - The Surgical Strike: Movie Review

“Ye naya Hindustan hai, Ye Hindustan ghar mein ghusega bhi aur maarega bhi.”

These lines when echoes in the theatres, pumps energy of patriotism with Attitude the way Virat Kohli shouts after each wicket of our opponent fell. And this was cascading from a very long time after hearing every time, that terrorist from Pakistan creates an environment of killings whenever they are in the soil of our Motherland. 
The movie URI - The Surgical Strike (Watch Trailer) was created to make it look through the eyes of Soldiers who just wanted to knock those people down and create havoc in Pakistan that India is not mute for the continuous actions presented by their arch-rivals since Independence. In fewer words, one has to express then one will say URI action-packed movie and for that audience who want to dig out some of the happenings of this operation in coward’s den and which has a habit of becoming the dog’s tail. 
Audience will be able to see hovering choppers, turmoil war zone, gushy acoustics of machine guns and bullets driven towards the ground, wrapping the things in part by part by throwing grenades to make it No Man’s Land forever, Brainstorming of war strategies, pre-combat training and excellence of commander in chief (operations) handling his commandos, monitoring through maps about every step and writing off about the series of events completed, shouts coming from interrogation room for torture elicited. 
The movie presents the microcosm: an attack on India, and India’s immediate response. Cinematography tries to follow the footsteps of War action films from Hollywood and the background will depict it clearly. The best thing to make it the proper movie of getting accolades is the absence of orthodox romantic songs and disco songs which renders beats of new steps to the dancers so that they can perform in specific events of locales. 
2018 has been a great year of Vicky Kaushal with marvels like Manmarziyaan, Sanju, Raazi and then Web series (Lust Stories) against Kiara Advani. Major Vihaan Shergill (Vicky Kaushal) is perfect in its place. A young wet-behind-the-ear nerd and his ‘creation’ causes an old warhorse to say: son, you may have won us the war. 

Yami Gautam sitting in the war room act as hardcore tom girl to take out the shit from blithering terrorists and associates. Another pillar of this movie is Paresh Rawal (Govind), whose presence brings glooming effect in the movie like what happened in reality. Ajit Dowal was the mastermind behind the Surgical Strike of 2016. 
URI is filmmaking based on taut, clipped and muscular regimented practice. The execution process is simply stunning as displayed. The thing which lacks in this cinematise classic is that when the movie comes out of the battleground, sharpness diminishes gradually. Music of national fire and nationalistic beats wasn’t required in the kitchens or any places which are not at all linked with war time situation. Somewhere we can call about its relationship or closeness to Zero Dark Thirty regarding the factual build up. The story of revenge arrives in the corridors of military assault and ambush when you see Vicky Kaushal shouting, ”Isn’t your blood boiling?”
All that you will see in this the newborn India which is not going to shut its mouth and will be an ardent follower of Gandhian 2 Cheek Slap Theory.
If you are thinking to spend some of your hard earnings on this movie, go ahead. You will not be disappointed. 

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Cast: Vicky Kaushal, Paresh Rawal, Yami Gautam
Written & Directed By: Aditya Dhar
Producers: Ronnie Screwvala

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