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Top Five Accessories You Can Get For OnePlus 5, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T

OnePlus Smartphones

So here are you proud owners of a OnePlus device. So many of you already know that OnePlus is the most preferred smartphone in India also in the rest of the world OnePlus is one of the most loved brands. OnePlus has really set benchmarks for other brands as it comes with a great camera and the speed. The Oxygen OS is fluid and when it comes to playing games and multitasking, OnePlus phones have taken this to another level.

So owing such a device is itself a pride. With a great smartphone, you must have some great accessories to protect and enhance your smartphone. So guys here I am with some useful accessories that you may like.

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1. OnePlus USB Type C Bullet Earphones:

OnePlus USB Type C Earphones

When it comes to quality of sound, the current generation wireless earphones are still not a match to the wired one. There is no loss of quality of sound and the bonus, you don't need to charge an additional device. Since OnePlus 6T comes with no 3.5 mm headphone jack, either you need to carry a Type C to 3.5 mm connector or a pair of earphones that has Type C port on the other end. OnePlus has this. Talking about this, priced at Rs. 1,490 it has a decent sound quality and the cable is flat so it is tangle free also.

2. Type C to 3.5 mm Connector:

OnePlus USB Type C to 3.5 mm connector

If you have a great pair of earphones that you want to use with your OnePlus 6T device, look nowhere, here is a Type C to 3.5 mm connector priced at just Rs. 298 only. This gets the job done perfectly. 

3. Dash Car Charger for OnePlus Phones:

OnePlus Dash Car Charger
When it comes to charging your OnePlus device while driving, you need a car mobile charger that is compatible with OnePlus Dash Charging that charges your phone quickly. This car charger delivers 3.5 Amp quick charge and is compatible with dash charging. Priced at Rs. 1,599, this one should be in your car to charge your phone on the go.

4. Tempered Glass for OnePlus 6T:

Tempered glass for OnePlus 6T

When you spend almost a fortune to buy a device of your dream. You always wanted to protect it from getting the screen shattered from accidental fall and scratches. Also the touch sensitivity, viewing angles should remain unchanged. Well, my friend, this tempered glass has all those features. Besides protecting the screen of OnePlus 6T getting shattered, it also has great touch sensitivity also the edges are rounded for those comfortable feeling. Priced at Rs. 199 only, it provides a great protection too from accidental falls and scratches.

5. Skins for OnePlus 6 and 6T Phones:

OnePlus skin

Customize you OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T with designer skins. Choose from wide variety of skins. These skins make your phone look more elegant and classy, also, since the back is glass made, it prevents from getting the back of your phone scratched. It also comes with precision camera cuts and logo cuts to enhance the style. Priced at Rs. 565 only, this definitely worth a look.

So here is the list guys. Hope you like this. Subscribe to my blog to get notified for my upcoming articles. Do let me know in the comments about the OnePlus accessories you use.

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