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The Accidental Prime Minister - Movie Review

Pradhanmantri ko kya krna chahiye ye NAC tay karegi".

In the corridors of power, this will remain a great controversy when people will discuss the status quo of former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. Sanjay Baru during his interview or precisely to become the Media Advisor was instructed that he will act as an Ear and Eye due to the inability of Mr. Singh to have some cut off from the world. Neither Baru nor others have expected that it will UPA which will knock the 5 Year Powers Door after the defeating the hype of "Shining India" campaign led by BJP and Associates.

Then arrived a period of so-called drama which was carved by Congress delegates in the Capital to showcase the sacrifice of Smt Sonia Gandhi. And the ball went to Manmohan Singh ' s pocket. The day trailer of The Accidental Prime Minister has hit the YouTube,  various speculations started over the diplomatic platform and several stated that this can hamper bit to Congress just before the General Elections. The movie is driving the car of sketching the new and honest caricature of Former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh and his patience to not to spit out anything which can compromise his prestige with The Gandhi family.

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In his first scene, Baru, played by Akshaye Khanna, turns up in a brown jacket, green shirt, blue tie, and black trousers. As if this isn’t disruptive enough, he then addresses the camera directly and continues to do so through the film. If asked what's the cynosure then it is the Dynasty Issues in Congress with which things go further as a timeline. In a scene shortly after the 2004 general elections, before Singh (Anupam Kher) is appointed as Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi speaks to his mother, Congress president Sonia Gandhi, in Italian, so the gathered ministers don’t know what’s been said.
To keep pressing the sympathy button for the nice but weak and ineffectual Dr. Manmohan Singh but bring down the Gandhi family. And then posit the moral of the story at the end: that the current Prime Minister is our one and only savior against “maa bete ki Sarkar”.

The Accidental Prime Minister is an out-and-out propaganda film, created for the specific purpose of making the former prime minister look like a weak, spineless man, a puppet whose strings were controlled by The Family (the word is blipped out, but there is no hiding the movement of the lips). There are some films which leave you at a loss for words. Not because they are overwhelmingly good but because they are unfailingly and irredeemably bad.

The dialogue in Mr. SINGH tried to give resignation and the reply of Sonia Gandhi triggers out the greed hiding and sitting at the back of most aspired family of this country to take the governance in their own hands. The story will solely work over 2 issues and encircle over them by showing the series of events which strengthens the idea of presenting with some care.

Political maestros will always debate over the issue that he was both Accidental Prime Minister and Finance Minister. They have always found themselves in this type of shock whenever Dr. Manmohan Singh has been discussed in any political meetings.

Cast: Anupam Kher, Akshaye Khanna, Vipin Sharma, Suzanne Bernert, Munish Bhardwaj, Arjun Mathur, Aahana Kumra 

Directed By: Vijay Ratnakar Gutte

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