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TRAI Gives a Month to Choose Channel Under The New Rule

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Today everybody is in dilemma in India that what will happen from tomorrow that is 30th December 2018. Today is the last day to select channel packs under the new framework designed by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). Today TRAI has announced a new date that is January 31, 2019, where consumers can select the channel packs under the new rule for broadcasting and cable services. Till then all the existing plans and services will remain as it is and will continue uninterrupted. 

The TRAI in March 2017, had released the new regulatory framework for Broadcasting and Cable services and re-notified on July 3, 2018. about the implementation schedule. According to the plan all the service providers like Airtel, Tata Sky etc were required to prepare and be ready with the migration plan by December 28, 2018, as the new framework is going to start from the very next day.

TRAI held planning and consultation meetings with broadcasters and service providers to facilitate them for smooth migration into the new framework. They were given ample time to implement this.

"All existing packs/plans/bouquets to the subscriber will continue uninterrupted till January 31, 2019. No service provider to disconnect any signal or feed to any MSO (multi-system operators)/LSO (Local Cable Operators)/subscriber till January 2019. TRAI said in a statement.

In order to get the things implemented smoothly, TRAI held a series of meetings with the stakeholders including Consumers Advocacy Groups (CAG) during the last 4-6 weeks. TRAI said in a statement. What they concluded from those meetings that since the customer base is huge around 150 million and to make them aware about this new framework requires some more time and resources of service providers.

"Subsequently, the Authority (TRAI)  also held meetings on December 19 and December 27 with various service providers of broadcasting and cable services sector. The preparedness for migration of all subscribers from old to new framework was also accessed," TRAI said.

TRAI said that smooth migration from old to new regulatory framework was discussed and it was found that most of the stakeholders are ready for the implementation of the new regulatory framework. TRAI said DPO shall declare the Distributor Retail Price (DRP) and Network Capacity Fee (NCF) by December 29.

The government said on Thursday that new framework for broadcasting and cable services will provide "freedom of choice" and give consumers "direct control" on their monthly bill for television services.

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