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Simmba - Movie Review

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Simmba is a typical Rohit Shetty film where you will find catchy dialogues, amazing action scenes and is full of emotions. Simmba is a masala entertainer and masala entertainer movies have their own significance in the mainstream cinema if they are made rightly.

Storyline of Simmba
An orphan kid decided to become a police officer, but with the only intention of making money. Ranveer Singh playing the character of Simmba (Sangram Bhalerao) grows up to become ACP or we can say a corrupt ACP.

As the story continues, Simmba gets transferred to a place where Sonu Sood playing the character of Durva Ranade is supreme and has a number of illegal businesses running in his name. Durva's dialog and policy in the movie is "Main kisi ko chhedta nhi, aur agar koi mujhe chhede to usse chhodta nahi".  As Simmba's sole motive to join police force was to make money, he starts serving this man and Durva throws money to him to overlook his all illegal activities.

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Simmba's morality changes when he comes to know that Durva's two brothers rapes and murder a girl Aakruti Dave played by Vaidehi Parshurami whom Simmba considers as his sister.

Simmba then turns into an honest police officer and swears to fight for Aakruti's justice. However, Durva the powerful criminal took stand for his rapist brothers and buys the witnesses and erase the evidences. Now the climax of the story is how Simmba avenges Aakruti's death.

Ranveer Singh in the lead role as a corrupt and then an honest police officer felt he is doing overacting, but does a better job in the second half. With his performance in the movie, he has proved that he has the ability to entertain the masses.

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Sara Ali Khan playing the role of Shagun, who is also Simmba's girlfriend looked beautiful but has not much to do in the movie.

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Sonu Sood in the negative role is also good and his character looks significant thoughout the film.

Ashutosh Rana plays a head constable as Nityanand Mohile also does a good job.

However, Ajay Devgan's cameo in the film steals the show. Audiences were pulled of their seats on his entry on the screen.
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Simmba is a masala entertainer film. There are points in the film that looked illogical. Means if you are watching a Rohit Shetty movie, leave you brain behind and just watch the film for entertainment. Too many songs in the first half irritated the audience and today's audience do not like too many songs in the movie. However Ajay Devgan's cameo worth a whistle and if you are looking for a masala entertainer that do not require to use your brain, then go and watch this movie.

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