Sunday, December 30, 2018

Netflix Stops in-app subscription option for iOS users

Netflix iOS app

iOS users will no longer be able to renew and review their subscription on Netflix app. New users and users reviewing after a month have to bill their purchases in Netflix website and then login into the Netflix app.

This is going to impact the iPhone and iPad users as they will no longer be able to make a purchase in the Netflix app. This is being said that this is a backlash against Apple's charging a hefty commission of high 30 percent revenue cut from in-app purchases.

However, this change came earlier this November, Netflix looked for some way around in a VentureBeat article. The report said that users who are already paying via iTunes may continue to do so. However, users renewing after a month or new users will have to do the payments on the Netflix website and then login into the Netflix app on iOS.

Normally Apple takes 30 percent of the revenues made via in-app purchases. This may lower down to 15 percent for long-term subscribers, but even then many developers complained that it takes away a substantial amount of their revenue. This is one of the reasons why apps on iOS are expensive than Android.

There has been a discussion around this that it is unfair to take away a cut for the content that is not produced or even hosted by Apple.

Let me know in the comments what do you think about this. Keep reading.

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