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Another year is about to come to an end. It will leave some footprints behind, and when we look back we find some great development in the field of technology. 2019 will bring some new advancements but to talk about 2018 there were some great developments and innovation which I am going to share with you.

1. Google Duplex

In the year 2018, Google displayed an AI feature in its I/O developer conference. It is called the Google Duplex. The Duplex was an innovative feature that blew everyone's mind. It is built as a feature inside Google Assistant. It can call the restaurant and make a reservation for you and can also do more. The voice of Duplex is like human and the way of talking is like that the person on the other side of the phone cannot make out if its a human or a robot he is talking to.

Google Duplex
Credit: Digital Trends

The tech giant demonstrated this feature live and guess what, it did not sound like a robot. Surprisingly it added a little "hmm" and "umm" into the conversation to make it sound more realistic. This could be a game changer in the way we use our smartphones. I mean just imagine, you just ask the Google Assistant to make a reservation in a hotel and it is done. How amazing is that?

However, this could be a very handy feature but could be a little creepy too. But Google has assured that Duplex will properly notify that a call is being made from a robot when it is working.

Duplex has started rolling out in the US for Pixel users.

2. Digital Wellbeing on Android and Screen time in iOS

Technology is growing so is our dependency on gadgets like smartphones. It is being observed everywhere in the world that technology has overtaken the human interaction. People are nowadays are more busy with their smartphones rather than interacting with other people around.

SceenTime and Digital Wellbeing
This year, the two largest mobile operating system giants Google and Apple decided to change this trend. Google and Apple, both announced a new feature build in their operating systems that measure how much time a user is spending on their mobile devices. Google added Digital Wellbeing and Apple added Screen Time. This feature is available on Pie version of Android and iOS 12. Later this year Facebook and Instagram also added this feature. These features have different interfaces on their respective platforms but they share the same goal.

The idea is to spend less time staring at your smartphone and do something more productive.

3. Lookout by Google

Google in it's I/O developer conference this year announced another fantastic app called Lookout. This app is developed to help those who are visually impaired. This app helps them to make more independent. The app offers verbal notifications about user environment, helping those who cannot see. This app is capable of reading signs on doors like Entry and Exit.

Google Lookout

There are four modes to choose from - home, work and play, scan, and experimental. Each mode enables the app to look for specific cues about the user's current environment. This app could be exclusive to Pixel devices and is powered by Google Lens.

Google lens was launched last year but it is made public this year only. Google lens has the ability to identify a large number of things, precisely billion of them when a user points the camera towards the object to be identified. Google Lens can read information from a business card and save it to a contact in your phone. It can also recognize some people, shapes and wireless networks. It can be very useful for people who travel a lot and also help them translating signboards written in a different language.

4. WebAuthn

Passwords are annoying sometimes. It becomes very difficult for us to remember all the passwords that we created in our online world. This year FIDO and W3C revealed that they are going to kill the password system with WebAuthn.
WebAuthn is a new protocol that eliminates the use of the password. The popular browser makers like Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla have agreed to integrate WebAuthn within their browsers. Users will have to use physical security key(USB) or mobile devices instead of a password. This is a very convenient feature for Internet users across the world. Ohh...I am waiting for this desperately.

5. Otter App

Otter is a mobile app that can automatically transcribe your voice recordings. This app is a bit different from the other similar apps available. It is meant for long conversations and can transcribe quite accurately. Otter is perfect for meetings and interviews where more than one person is talking. The app captures the audio, transcribe the content and archive it that can be easily searched. the app is available for both Android and iOS.


2019 is about to begin and we will see significant growth and some new innovation in this field which will make our lives more convenient. Stay tuned for more updates on technology news like this.

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