Monday, July 30, 2018

Apps you should not use on your Android

Are you using these apps? yes, then please stop doing so. Read here to know why you should stop doing so.

Google play store has more than 3 million apps. You name it and there is an app. There are apps that say they are good for your phone and using them looks also that what they are supposed to do are doing but, it is the other way around. Instead of doing good they are harming your phone. Let's check out such categories of apps and find the reason how such apps should not be used.

1. Antivirus Apps

These apps do nothing to protect your device. Seriously, nothing. Such apps are not required in your device if you are downloading apps from play store or any trusted website. You may have seen that these apps have many other features like cleaning your storage, killing apps, battery saver and so many rubbish things. This is just because developers of these apps know that antivirus has nothing to do on Android. If you really want to be safe, do the followings:

  • Download apps from play store only
  • Stop using cracked pirated apps
  • That's it :)

2. Cleaning Apps

Play store is flooded with such apps that clean RAM of your device so that it keeps running smoothly. It clears cache memory so that you get some more space on your device. I have seen many people using these apps and they feel that their device is faster now. but what happens in reality, let's understand.
When you use such apps, they kill the applications running in the background to free up RAM. But you know what is stored in RAM? The most frequently used apps are stored in RAM. For example, you use amazon app for shopping and you open it 50 times in a day. What Android does, it keeps Amazon app in the memory so that when you request it again it should not get pulled from the storage. In this way, the phone's processor has to work less which saves battery and improves phone's performance. When you use a cleaning app, it kills that amazon app and every time you request for it, the processor has to do some extra work to pull it and store it into the RAM again for your use. This reduces battery power and also phone performance is degraded.

Android is smart enough and knows how to mange phone's memory. So do not worry and stop killing apps.

Talking about cleaning cache memory, cache memory keeps your frequently used data from apps like images, videos etc. When these are requested by the app, these are not loaded from the internet and app loads faster and data usage is also reduced. This improves phone's performance. Cleaning cache deletes the data and all the data is loaded again on app launch.

What you should do if you need that extra bit of storage? Android has an option to manually clean that cache. Use it whenever required instead of using such useless apps.

Also, you should stop killing apps from the recent taskbar by swiping them left or right. This is same as using the cleaning apps. This is harmful to your phone.

3. Keyboard Apps

Android is all about customization. And there is a way you can customize your keyboard as well. By using these apps you can change the look and feel, size, layout of your keyboard completely. This looks so good but in reality, some of these keyboard apps steal you data like username, password, and chats. Some of you must be using banking apps on your phone which makes your information so vulnerable to the hackers if your username and password are exposed. Because whatever you are typing is getting recorded somewhere. Isn't that dangerous?

  • Stop using third-party keyboard apps
  • Use the inbuilt keyboard or use google keyboards.

4. Flashlight Apps

Today every android phone has build in flashlight app which you can access in the quick settings. I don't know why such apps exist in 2018. If you look at the permission these apps ask for, you will surely understand these apps are up to something else also. These apps ask for camera, mic and storage permissions for no reason, this is something fishy.

5. Battery Saver Apps

 This is another useless category. Like cleaning apps these are also not worth installing. Instead of improving battery life these apps reduces battery life.

Bottomline: these apps are a big NO. Refrain from using them. Keep your phone safe.

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